Monday, June 25, 2018

Trump's War on the Impoverished

If you don’t have a problem with what is going on at the border and you’re not speaking out, then you’re complicit in Trump’s heinous crime against humanity.  Innocent babies and children are being snatched from their parents when all the parents were doing was trying to find a safe place for their family.  They were shipped to all parts of the country and most will never be reunited with their parents.  If reunification was the intention of Trump, a plan would have been in place to carefully track the children and parents.  Or, if Trump gave a tinker about children, they would never had been separated in in the first place. 

WE HAVE no idea the conditions under which these children are living because the media are not allowed in.  My question is why?  If they all have the environment of the shelter the First Lady visited, why not let the American people see all of them?  But you know what?  No matter how well they may be treated, it doesn’t matter to these children.  They want their Mama’s and Daddy’s, not strangers who are not allowed to cuddle and comfort them.  They are terrified.

IF MEN dressed in all grey snatched your dogs from you and shipped them to shelters all across this country, all hell would break loose. Trump says they are “all packs of  dogs” and says they are all killers. You know your dog is sweet and loving. You would be worried sick about your dog; not knowing where they are and the condition of the shelter.  You know your dog won’t eat that cheap food. And, then Trump announces that you are not allowed due process to get your dogs back.  Do dogs deserve more humane treatment than these brown children.

THIS COUNTRY spent 242 years to build a reputation of the world leader in human rights.  In the midst of this horrid humanitarian crisis, Trump pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights Council.  Coming on the heels of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, the Iranian Deal, and pulling out of the G-7 Agreement, trust in America has taken a big hit. This speaks volumes to the world about the new Trump America.  America’s reputation as a protector of human rights is history.  At the rate Trump is moving, America as a great democracy will soon be history, too.

IF TRUMP is not throttled on this border issue, another humanitarian crisis is brewing.  In 2010, 50,000 Haitians were granted temporary protected status when a devastating earthquake destroyed much of their country.  Since then, their country has also been hit by devastating hurricanes. Their protected status has been revoked and they must leave the United States by mid-2019.  27,000 children have been born in this country and therefore are U.S. citizens.  The parents of those children will be sent back to Haiti.  However, I fully expect any immigration bill passed by Trump and the POT (Party of Trump), will include the end to “anchor babies.”  Haiti is the third nationality to have their protected status terminated in the past three months. The others were Nicaraguans and Sudanese. 

REMEMBER WHEN President Lyndon Johnson declared WAR ON POVERTY and created such programs as Medicaid, Medicare, and food stamps?  Now Trump has declared WAR ON THE IMPOVERISHED.  He has submitted his 2019 Budget.  There are currently 43.1 million Americans living in poverty. The budget includes a trillion dollars in deep cuts to programs for the poor, like Medicaid and food stamps.  Medicaid will be transformed by limiting payments or allowing states to turn it into a block grant program.  This bill also adds work requirements to Medicaid.  The budget bill calls for passing an Obama Care replacement bill.  There will be no subsidies and will NOT include most preexisting conditions.  And senior citizens, don’t think this won’t affect you!  This bill contains the first step to privatizing Medicare.  Seniors can choose to enroll in private plans.

This is only a glimpse into the 2019 budget that will be passed this Fall.  It’s scary!  The poor and elderly are the victims of the tax cuts given to the wealthy.  After all, Trump has to pay for his wall and anything Scott Pruitt decides to buy with our tax dollars.  Oh, and don’t forget that we have to pay for Trump’s rallies.  If Trump wants to prove that he is concerned about the poor working class in this country, he should tweet out a raise to the Federal Minimum Wage.   

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