Monday, June 18, 2018

The Republican Party Has Gone To "POT"

We’ve had a lot of painful weeks since Trump was sworn in, but last week was perhaps the hardest to endure.  All we could do was sit and watch as Trump loved up on a vile and murderous dictator.  We watched as he patted Kim Jong-Un admiringly on his back.  We observed Trump did not perform his signature power handshake meant to show dominance.  We watched as the US’s Commander in Chief saluted the North Korean General that no doubt carries out the orders to kill their people.  This, coming on the heels of the G-7 Summit, where Trump spat in the face of our closest allies.

ALL WE could do was listen to Trump extolling how talented and funny this dictator was, and how much he liked him.  On the other hand, all we heard were threats and warnings to our neighbor and closest ally, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, all because Trudeau disagreed with Trump’s trade policy.

I HAVE learned that you have to pick through the multitude of lies that Trump tells to find a truth.  He spoke a truth last week.  “When Kim Jong-Un speaks, his people sit at attention.  I want my people to do the same.”  That statement, coupled with the fact Trump is having a big military parade on Veterans Day this year, where he will sit in a reviewing stand and receive salutes from the troops, tells me he wants to be treated like a dictator.  As someone said, Trump suffers from DICTATOR envy.

SPEAKING OF dictators, I hope you know that the entire North Korean Summit was designed by Vladamir Putin.  We know that without consulting with the Pentagon, Trump agreed to stop military training exercises in South Korea.  That has long been the desire of dictator Putin and dictator Chinese President Xi.  Since negotiations between Trump and Kim Jong-Un were held behind closed doors, we don’t know what Trump promised regarding lifting sanctions or other gifts.  The US got nothing from Kim Jong-Un, who got everything from us.  Trump granted him a place on the world stage and legitimized this evil man.  For Kim Jong-Un, he was released from the prison of his country. 

TRUMP IS already touting his summit with Vladamir Putin.  I think it’s fair to say that since Trump has never uttered a derogatory word against this murderous dictator that got him elected, Russia will walk away a big winner with all sanctions being lifted.  A summit with Russia is unwarranted and a joke. 

It seems overnight our country went from being respected in the world as a shining example of democracy, to an autocratic wanna be country.  Trump has alienated the countries that always had our back in favor of countries that will stab us in the back.  This is a very scary situation with no one willing to stop the ruination of our country. 

WE DIDN’T have to wait long to see Trump emulate his dictator buddies, Turkey’s President Erdogan, Kim Jong-Un, Vladamir Putin, and President Xi, soon to be known as the G-5. Separating children from their families is cruel, heartless, evil, and any other adjective you can think of.  This is not America!  Of course, you have heard Trump blaming this abhorrent act on Democrats and stating repeatedly that they can stop these children from being held in prison. You have heard that it is the “rule of law.”    On that I call BS!  It’s just another lie told over and over so you will believe it.  It is not the law!  It is a policy put in place by Trump and Jeff Sessions in May and since, they have imprisoned 2,000 children.  One phone call from Trump to Homeland Security and/or Jeff Sessions would end this nightmare for these children and parents.  Trump is clearly holding these children hostage for his WALL!  He’s so obsessed with his WALL that he is willing to stoop to anything.  The painful, sad thing, there’s not a single Republican willing to speak truth to power.

YES, IT was a bad week and I expect many more like it in the future.  However, there were a couple of good things that happened last week.  One, the demise of the Republican Party.  It is now the Party of Trump.  The acronym is POT; not the kind you smoke, but the kind you sit on.  Republican values are a thing of the past.  It now represents the values of Trump.

TWO, THE Southern Baptists finally came to their senses and cut ties with the Republican Party at their convention last week.  This news had to be a blow to the POT.  The Southern Baptist newly elected leadership is now much younger and they are changing their views on the role of women and confessed their poor treatment in the past.  They are becoming more inclusive, which in itself will bring great change to the Southern Baptists.  Change doesn’t happen over-night, but the Southern Baptists are now headed in the right direction.  They have gotten off the “POT.”  Will you?


  1. Thank you for putting this on the Glynn Democrats' page. I love your writing!

  2. You are welcome and thank you for your great compliment. What you may not know is I'm from Brunswick. My husband graduated Glynn Academy in 1966. I visit there quite often b/c I have tons of relatives there.

  3. Excellent analysis of our current Executive Branch. Thank you for speaking the truth when so many are silent at this critical time.

  4. Having attended Mary Persons High, it's hard to believe THIS is being published in The Reporter. I'm SO proud! Thank you for this! Keep up the great work!