Monday, June 18, 2018

The Republican Party Has Gone To "POT"

We’ve had a lot of painful weeks since Trump was sworn in, but last week was perhaps the hardest to endure.  All we could do was sit and watch as Trump loved up on a vile and murderous dictator.  We watched as he patted Kim Jong-Un admiringly on his back.  We observed Trump did not perform his signature power handshake meant to show dominance.  We watched as the US’s Commander in Chief saluted the North Korean General that no doubt carries out the orders to kill their people.  This, coming on the heels of the G-7 Summit, where Trump spat in the face of our closest allies.

ALL WE could do was listen to Trump extolling how talented and funny this dictator was, and how much he liked him.  On the other hand, all we heard were threats and warnings to our neighbor and closest ally, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, all because Trudeau disagreed with Trump’s trade policy.

I HAVE learned that you have to pick through the multitude of lies that Trump tells to find a truth.  He spoke a truth last week.  “When Kim Jong-Un speaks, his people sit at attention.  I want my people to do the same.”  That statement, coupled with the fact Trump is having a big military parade on Veterans Day this year, where he will sit in a reviewing stand and receive salutes from the troops, tells me he wants to be treated like a dictator.  As someone said, Trump suffers from DICTATOR envy.

SPEAKING OF dictators, I hope you know that the entire North Korean Summit was designed by Vladamir Putin.  We know that without consulting with the Pentagon, Trump agreed to stop military training exercises in South Korea.  That has long been the desire of dictator Putin and dictator Chinese President Xi.  Since negotiations between Trump and Kim Jong-Un were held behind closed doors, we don’t know what Trump promised regarding lifting sanctions or other gifts.  The US got nothing from Kim Jong-Un, who got everything from us.  Trump granted him a place on the world stage and legitimized this evil man.  For Kim Jong-Un, he was released from the prison of his country. 

TRUMP IS already touting his summit with Vladamir Putin.  I think it’s fair to say that since Trump has never uttered a derogatory word against this murderous dictator that got him elected, Russia will walk away a big winner with all sanctions being lifted.  A summit with Russia is unwarranted and a joke. 

It seems overnight our country went from being respected in the world as a shining example of democracy, to an autocratic wanna be country.  Trump has alienated the countries that always had our back in favor of countries that will stab us in the back.  This is a very scary situation with no one willing to stop the ruination of our country. 

WE DIDN’T have to wait long to see Trump emulate his dictator buddies, Turkey’s President Erdogan, Kim Jong-Un, Vladamir Putin, and President Xi, soon to be known as the G-5. Separating children from their families is cruel, heartless, evil, and any other adjective you can think of.  This is not America!  Of course, you have heard Trump blaming this abhorrent act on Democrats and stating repeatedly that they can stop these children from being held in prison. You have heard that it is the “rule of law.”    On that I call BS!  It’s just another lie told over and over so you will believe it.  It is not the law!  It is a policy put in place by Trump and Jeff Sessions in May and since, they have imprisoned 2,000 children.  One phone call from Trump to Homeland Security and/or Jeff Sessions would end this nightmare for these children and parents.  Trump is clearly holding these children hostage for his WALL!  He’s so obsessed with his WALL that he is willing to stoop to anything.  The painful, sad thing, there’s not a single Republican willing to speak truth to power.

YES, IT was a bad week and I expect many more like it in the future.  However, there were a couple of good things that happened last week.  One, the demise of the Republican Party.  It is now the Party of Trump.  The acronym is POT; not the kind you smoke, but the kind you sit on.  Republican values are a thing of the past.  It now represents the values of Trump.

TWO, THE Southern Baptists finally came to their senses and cut ties with the Republican Party at their convention last week.  This news had to be a blow to the POT.  The Southern Baptist newly elected leadership is now much younger and they are changing their views on the role of women and confessed their poor treatment in the past.  They are becoming more inclusive, which in itself will bring great change to the Southern Baptists.  Change doesn’t happen over-night, but the Southern Baptists are now headed in the right direction.  They have gotten off the “POT.”  Will you?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Casey Cagle is a Swamp Monster

Kudos to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle for speaking so forthright, candid, and honest regarding why he finally put his weight behind a piece of legislation he and Senator Lindsey Tippins “had been beating to a pulp” for two years.  Seldom, if ever, do we hear the real reason a bill is passed.  We never hear first-hand how politics is the driving force behind bad legislation.  Thanks to Casey Cagle, we got a guided tour of the swamp we call the Capitol Dome.

THE GUIDE for our swamp tour is Monroe County’s very own Clay Tippins, who was a candidate for Governor and an opponent of Casey Cagle in the Republican Primary.  After the Primary, Clay Tippins met with Cagle and recorded their conversation using his iPhone in his pocket.  Clay was upset because Cagle had betrayed his uncle, State Senator Lindsey Tippins, Chair of the Senate Education Committee, by demanding that Senator Tippins approve the bill in committee.  Senator Tippins, feeling hurt and betrayed, resigned at the end of the session. 

THE LEGISLATION in question was the Student Scholarship Organization’s (SSO) tax credit, which raised the limit to $100 million dollars.  This tax subsidy, a fancy word for school vouchers, is handed out to middle-class and upper-class families chosen by the schools., now law thanks to Casey Cagle, has zero accountability, zero transparency; making this voucher system ripe for fraud.  Most importantly, it takes away from Georgia’s public schools. 

SO, CLAY Tippins met with Cagle with his iPhone recording it all, and it is appalling what Casey told him. ** I regret I cannot provide the entire transcript here, but you can go on-line and google Casey Cagle Tape and read the entire transcript for yourself.  Warning, it will make your stomach churn if you are a Cagle supporter and a Kemp hater.

CAGLE RELATED to Tippins that there was a group getting ready to give Hill $3 million and he had to have the SSO bill.  He went on to explain that Hill was nearly out of money in his campaign and $3 million would make him formidable. 

Cagle: So, I just told Lindsey point-blank. I said, ‘Lindsey, the SSO bill, I’ve got to have it.

Cagle: It was bad, it was bad.

Tippins: Why? You turned on him. And there are reasons for that. Why did you have to have it?

Cagle: Exactly the reason I told Lindsey, that you need to listen to: It ain’t about public policy. It’s about (expletive) politics. There’s a group that was getting ready to put $3 million behind Hunter Hill. Mr. Pro-Choice. I mean, Mr. Pro-Charters, Vouchers. …
When questioned by Tippins what was keeping the group (The Walton Foundation) from giving money now to Kemp, here is the killer answer:

Cagle: There’s just no way they could back anybody else. No way. No way. And again, because they wanted that $100 million SSO (Student Scholarship Organizations tax credit). And, you know, and I was the only guy standing in the way. Is it bad public policy? Between you and me, it is. I can tell you how it is a thousand different ways.

And, apparently justifying his betrayal of his friend, Senator Tippins, he said the following:

Cagle: And Lindsey, to his credit, which I love and I value, is a man of principle. And he’s at a place in his life where, you know what, he doesn’t give a (expletive), and he can go home and he’ll be fine. He ain’t looking for another race.

That’s what my Mama would call a “real scoundrel.”

LOOK FOR more to come out about Casey Cagle, regarding “Me-Too” situations. There have long been rumors around the Capitol about his philandering. Even Erick Erickson wrote an article about this in 2009.  In fact, there’s lots of stories on-line.  My favorite story is about the secretary who walked into Cagle’s office and caught Cagle and a staffer in an awkward position.  The staffer claimed she was “tying his shoes” under his desk.  It is also no secret that Cagle likes to live high on the hog at taxpayer’s expense.  Just call it the Scott Pruitt Syndrome.

CASEY CAGLE is the choice of Republicans in Monroe County. Perhaps those 530 people who voted for Kemp weren’t as crazy as some thought.  However, Kemp has stepped on Monroe County for 3,061 days. He is also incompetent. Republicans in Monroe County have a dillema. What ya gonna do?  If you can get past the fact that Stacy Abrams is a woman, an African American, and worse yet, a Democrat, you should take a look at her policies.  You might like what you see.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Lordy We Need a Blue Wave!

There’s much talk about the “blue wave” threatening to hit our country in the mid-term elections.  Have no fear, Monroe County, there’s no chance of it hitting here.  During the Primary election, the Republican voters outnumbered the Democratic voters 3-1.  That’s what happens when you don’t have a local Democratic Party recruiting candidates and putting resources behind that candidate. 

“Wait!  Did I read that right?  Did she just say Monroe County does not have a Democratic party?” Yes, I said that!  For forty years Monroe County had an active Dem party, chaired by the esteemed Glover Stuart.  Glover was, and still is, a loyal Democrat.  In his 40 years, he never missed a State Party Chair meeting.  He was assisted by recently departed and friend to everyone, Doris Ogletree, and everybody named Ham, to mention a few.  Its membership was a diverse cross-section of our community.  You might say the Monroe County Democratic Party (MCDP) was a victim of technological advances and Facebook.

 ALTHOUGH I am a “yellow dog” democrat and have worked in campaigns all my adult life, I have never associated with the Democratic Party.    Political parties are supposed to be impartial until the nominee is picked by the people.  As a campaign manager, field director, or simply a volunteer, I witnessed gross partiality in favor of those candidates who had been blessed by the Governor and the State Party Chair.  I also witnessed the neglect to down-ballot nominees.  That’s the way the game is played, so I chose not to play.  However, in 2014, the MCDP was the only game in town and I joined in their efforts to elect Democrats. Although odds were against us, working with that group of dedicated people was a great experience.  I learned first-hand the importance of a vital, local Democratic Party.

THEN BANG!  Just like that!  The MCDP was hijacked!  One day, a person was searching on-line to see if Monroe County had a Dem party.  Not finding a website or a Facebook page, this person contacted the State Party.  Translated, that means if you don’t have an on-line presence, you don’t exist. The State Party is staffed by young new-comers and 40 years of service to the Party obviously meant nothing to them. I don’t blame the hijacker because that person could not have done it without the agreement of the State.  I do, however, blame the hijacker for destroying a good organization, creating a new one, and then leaving town.  On paper and now on Facebook the MCDP still exists, but in reality, Monroe County does not have a Democratic Party.

AFTER AIRING all this dirty laundry, I’m taking this opportunity to appeal to those of you who may be interested in re-building the MCDP.  Our government is based on a two-party system. Without it, you get more of the same.  Since I am one of only a few Democrats in Monroe out of the closet, I felt I needed to make this appeal. The MCDP is in dire need of a leader and people to lead.  If you have an interest in filling any of these roles, please send me an email or contact me on Facebook if you are interested.  Let’s get this party started!

I’M THINKING there will be a wave, but not necessarily a blue one.  I say that because in the recent Georgia primary, eight (8) incumbents were defeated.  Surprising, it was 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats.  That tells me that people want change; and if you’re an incumbent, regardless of party affiliation, and you’re sitting on your laurels, you better kiss it good-bye.  If there is an anti-incumbent wave, Lordy, Lordy, I wish the Democrats had fielded a candidate against Congressman Austin Scott!

ABOUT THAT blue wave, we can only hope that it happens in enough districts to return majority to the Democrats in the Senate, but more importantly, the House of Representatives.  The House votes on impeachment.  “Wait!  Did she just say the “M” word?” (For all you venters, I know Impeachment is spelled with an I).  Yes, I said it!  Impeachment! Trump is the epitome of why our founding fathers gave us an escape clause.  Obviously the highly partisan, self-serving Congress we currently have is deaf, dumb, and blind.  Deaf to all Trump’s lies.  Blind to Trump’s desire to destroy the Constitution and institute autocratic rule.  Dumb to the fact they are a co-equal branch of government and were elected to serve our country, not an unhinged President.

WHAT ARE these “system problems” causing black outs with Georgia Power?  We spent half the weekend in darkness.  Some people are saying that Canada is practicing hacking our power grids.  I would never say that, but a lot of people do.  The Canadians are hacking our power grid.  I didn’t say that! It’s fake news.  (I’m practicing Trump-speak.)