Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Kavanaugh, Susan Collins, and Trump's Biggest Lie

It’s all over but the shouting.  Literally.  What a waste of three weeks of my life!  If I never hear the name Kavanaugh again I would be a happy camper.  The same goes for Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Chuck Grassley and yes, Jeff Flake.

JEFF FLAKE is no hero.  He always gets lots of publicity and then he caves to Trump and the GOP.  If you read my column last week, you know I hinted that I smelled a rat with Flake’s near inaudible motion at the hearing when he said, “limited scope.”  At that time, it was only a gut feeling.  As usual, my gut feeling was right.  However evidently, I was wrong about who limited the scope.  If Mitch McConnell is to be believed, he stated in his speech prior to Kavanaugh’s confirmation that he and members of the Judiciary Committee made the decision in a meeting with two other members who were with-holding their support, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.  Make no mistake about it, while McConnell’s admission takes the heat off the White House about limiting the scope of the FBI investigation, my gut is telling me that McConnell got all this approved in advance by Trump.  After all, how many times did we hear that only the White House could limit the scope with the FBI because this was a background check.

MCCONNELL’S admission also begs the question, why would Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski agree to such a narrow scope?  With Murkowski’s “present” vote against Kavanaugh, it would appear she did not agree but was too afraid to just say it!  She said she voted that way as a favor to her GOP colleagues.  Well, isn’t that special?  If you heard Susan Collins’ one- hour speech prior to the confirmation vote, she repeatedly stated there was no credible evidence. The fact the FBI was not allowed to look beyond the scope that she was part of out-lining granted her the cover she longed for.  The GOP could not take the chance of enough credible evidence coming to light if the FBI dug deeper. Let’s watch and wait to see what Susan Collins’ payoff will be.

I FOUND one thing Susan Collins said especially abhorrent and a slap in the face to all women.  I heard men say the same thing, I think one was Lindsey Graham, but I was able to shake it off because it was a man.  Collins said, “I believe she was sexually assaulted by somebody, and I don’t know when or where, but I don’t believe it was Judge Kavanaugh.”   Is it just me, or was that a nice way of saying Dr. Ford was a liar, or that she was mentally ill? 

ALSO, IN my last week’s column, I half-jokingly said that Lindsey Graham’s outrage in his support of Kavanaugh at the televised hearing was an audition to Trump to replace Sessions as Attorney General.  That was not a joke.  Too many people are now confirming this.

WHAT GOES around, comes around.  Quoting Forrest Gump, “That’s all I gotta say ‘bout that.”

SURPRISE. Surprise. Surprise. Not!  Donald Trump is not a self-made billionaire (if he is one)!  In a 30+ page investigative article in the New York Times, it was revealed that the only thing Trump ever built in his lifetime has been his brand, and that was based on a lie.  You’ve heard the lie many times.  Trump won the Presidency on this lie by convincing people that he was successful because he worked hard and made good deals. He used this lie to win over hardworking men and women in this country. You know the lie by heart.  “I started my business with a million-dollar loan from my father and paid him back with interest.” 

IN TRUTH, Fred Trump used revenue streams from his own businesses to his children to avoid taxes of all kinds, and Donald Trump had 295 of those streams of revenue by the time Daddy Trump died.  Donald Trump was a millionaire by the age of 8 and his wealth continued to grow; the older he got, the more he received each year until he was fifty, compliments of Daddy. Daddy Trump gave Donald at least $413 million over the years.  When Daddy Trump died, it was announced that his estate had been seized by the IRS due to all the hanky-panky tax dodging schemes he used.  Some years later, Trump and his siblings sold off the buildings remaining in the estate and Donald’s share was $175 million.  While it appears there’s little that can be done after all these years about these past crimes but investigations have started.  My reliable gut is telling me that the Donald has utilized the same hanky-panky with his own taxes.  Has he used revenue streams to make his children rich?  Is Barron already a multi-millionaire?  That’s why we HAVE to see his taxes.  And quoting myself, “That ain’t all I gotta say ‘bout that.”


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