Friday, June 3, 2016



I will NOT be “Okey Doked!”  When I heard President Obama use the words “Okey Doke” in a speech yesterday, I was confused as to what he meant, having never heard the term used in that context.  I immediately checked the New Urban Dictionary.  An Okey Doke is someone being played for a fool, someone falling for a scam or con.  I immediately realized that Trump supporters are Okey Dokes! 

To say that is not to blame or disparage Trump supporters.  They are victims of the charms and psychological persuasions of the most skilled con man to come along in our lifetime, or maybe ever.  Skilled con men and scam artists all share the common denominators of being able to gain your trust by determining what you want to hear.  They don’t give a rat’s patoot about the affect the big con will have on you personally.  They lie to their targets with no feelings of remorse.  Scam artists and con men are great marketers.  They spend nearly all their time marketing and almost none of their time delivering on those promises.  Other common denominators are that con men and scam artists are narcissists, convincing, and masters of mind control.

The people who get successfully conned or scammed always feel embarrassment over their lack of judgment. They are ashamed to admit they were Okey Doked.  That’s why most con men and scam artists can get by with their deeds for many years before being exposed.

I am reminded of a few great con men.  Victor Lustig was known as the man who sold the Eiffel Tower.  In an elaborate con, he convinced many businessmen and even infamous Al Capone into investing in buying the Eiffel Tower for scrap metal.

George Parker made his living selling New York’s public landmarks to unwary tourists.  He sold the Brooklyn Bridge twice in a week for years.  Hence the saying, “I have a bridge to sell you.”

Charles Ponzi gained his fortune by Make Money Fast Schemes.  I think we’re all familiar with the term “Ponzi.” 

Now we have Donald Trump, the nominee for our President, joining a long list of con specialists.  He is now Defendant in a Federal Class Action lawsuit by executing an elaborate con to sell entry into his bogus Trump University.  He fleeced many families out of their savings and caused many to go deep in debt to pay for admittance and all the up-selling.  They got nothing for their money.  Those who have been “Okey Doked” by Trump believe in his innocence as much as I believe in his guilt.  Look at his evidence, though. Two of the people in his video he released as evidence of his innocence have close connections to Trump.  One man sells water in Trump Towers and a woman’s son wrote a book that Trump endorsed on the cover.  I can’t help but be skeptical about the others and wonder what they were paid.  Hmmm.

Trump has been involved in an unprecedented 3,500 lawsuits. That tells me all his dealings have not been above-board.  “I don’t settle,” Trump brags.  Another of the lies he tells.  He has settled over a hundred!  He settled one in particular, a real estate deal called Trump SoHo, where Plaintiffs accused him of fraud.  He settled that case by paying $3.16 million to make the criminal charges go away.   Hmmm.

Something else confounds me, but I suppose it’s because I’m not an Okey Doke.  Why would a multi-billionaire need to involve himself in hawking vitamins not approved by FDA and make unsubstantiated claims of the pills being a magical cure-all?  Hmmm.

We Americans are now victims of the biggest con and scam ever perpetrated on our country.  It’s not too late. To avoid being scammed, you must practice due diligence.  Having done that, if you still vote for Trump, then you have truly been “Okey Doked!”

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  1. I think Trump has even Okey Doked himself. A former aide said his initial plan was to make a strong showing and come in second for the Republican nomination to boost his "personal brand." Now that he's won, he's like the dog that finally latches his jaws on the bumper of a car. "What do I do now?"

    Being Trump, he blusters and brazens it out, counting on his ability to flim-flam to keep him smelling like a rose no matter how much manure he spreads. Unfortunately, with every word out of his mouth his lack of political experience and sound judgment becomes more and more apparent.

    It looks like we'll be faced with a choice between a puffed-up empty shirt who's all toupee and no cattle (to adapt a George W. description) versus an ambitious lifelong politician who is far less evil and Machiavellian than her opponents have painted her to be.

    For the country's sake, and Trump's own sake, I hope we're smart enough to send him back to reality television, not on to the White House.