Sunday, June 19, 2016

Help Me Spread the Word

To my friends and readers of Unfair and Unbalanced:

Thank you for being a loyal reader of my former column in the Monroe County Reporter, Unfair and Unbalanced.  I appreciated your supportive comments regarding the freshness of hearing a different voice, versus only the very right-wing conservative point of view.

I am not a radical liberal.  I’m just a citizen like you and have (what I think), the same sensible opinion as many of you.  Now that my stint as an opinion writer in the MCR has come to an end, the Editor has replaced me with yet another view of a right-wing conservative.  Now my Blog is the ONLY place in Monroe County where you can read what progressives and sensible people are thinking, and they may be thinking just like you! 

I changed the name of my Blog to The Other Georgia- News and Views.  Parts of Georgia not included in the Atlanta metro area is often forgotten and our opinions are not considered.  We in Monroe Country are part of that “Other Georgia.”  So are most all rural cities and towns in Georgia.  At the time I was writing for the MCR, I was the one and only progressive Opinion Writer in Georgia’s rural weekly newspapers, to my knowledge. Now there are none. 

There are a couple of simple things I need you to do to help me make this different voice heard in Monroe County and the Other Georgia. 

  1. When you see my Blog post on facebook, please like, share, and comment.  This helps spread the post.
  1. When you see my Unfair and Unbalanced Page, like page AND like the post.
  1. If you miss my Blog on facebook, you can visit my website at any time, to read my most recent Blog posts and the archives of columns printed in the MCR.  I try to write new posts by Sunday and Monday of each week. 
I welcome your opinions and views, too.  Remember, we don’t have to agree.  We can always agree to disagree and continue being friends.


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