Saturday, October 24, 2015

What's the Republicans Plan Now?

I have always heard that a week in politics is like a year.  Using that premise, last week in politics was like two years; especially when you consider the record setting, eleven-hour Benghazi Committee Hearing failed attempt to destroy Hillary Clinton.

For those that watched this hearing, gavel to gavel, as I did, you should have no lingering doubt that from the git-go, this committee was designed to hand the presidency to the Republicans by eliminating their biggest threat, Hillary.  Instead, it appears their plan backfired.  The Republicans on this committee were an embarrassment to our governing process and to our country.  As evidence, FOX News, who could never get enough of “Benghazi,” pulled their live coverage of the event when it became apparent that this hearing was a disaster for Republicans and Hillary was far too presidential looking.   

Friday night, I watched the most fascinating interview of Hillary Clinton with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.  I wish everyone could have seen Hillary as her most relaxed, candid self.  While flipping channels, I observed during this same time, FOX News was showing a Fox produced documentary on Benghazi, still attempting to keep the lies alive.  I could only shake my head and laugh.

And the final thing I have to say about Benghazi.  More than one person has accused me of being disrespectful to those who died in service to our country by my support of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, against the conspiracy theorists.  Conversely, it is clear now that it is the Republicans who are disrespectful by using this unfortunate incident for political gain.  How much more evidence do they need?  There is no there, there.  It’s time to move on to the next “Freedom Caucus” inspired Hillary scandal. 

Upon the realization of the gigantic failure of the Republicans this week, Friday, lame duck Speaker Boehner formed another Benghazi-like committee to fire up their base supporters.  This time it is said to investigate fetal tissue donations, but of course it’s about Planned Parenthood.  Besides, FOX needs something new to talk about.  The House Democrats know it’s a farce but just like the Benghazi Committee, they are obligated to serve on the committee as a defensive measure.

Thank you Vice-President Joe Biden!  When Biden announced that he would not be a candidate for President, Democrats everywhere sounded a collective sigh of relief.  I was one of those!  It’s human nature not to want to make a choice between two of your friends.  The years of service to our country as Democrats by Hillary and Joe have made them our friends.  We know them.  We love them.  Now we don’t have to choose.

You may ask the question, “What about the choice between Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton?”  Personally, I do not see that as a choice.  If Sanders were a loyal Democrat, I could understand why some would find it a tough choice.  However, Sanders has run and served as a Socialist Independent his entire career and is a newcomer to the Democratic Party for this election.  I will certainly support the Democratic nominee and if by some fluke it is Sanders, I will support him.  Sanders is also doing a nice job showing voters there is someone more liberal than Hillary. 

You may have noticed that so far this presidential election season, I have said very little about Dr. Ben Carson.  I see no reason to.  Yes, he’s ahead at this very early date in Iowa, and who knows, he may end up winning Iowa.  I say that only based on the fact that historically, the Iowa Republican caucus voters seem to choose the most extreme conservative in the race and/or the most religious, but not often pick the ultimate nominee. I agree with Trump, Monsanto is putting something in those potatoes in Iowa!  Thank goodness the rest of America has a vote.

We thoroughly enjoyed our grandchildren’s fall break in Florida’s Port St. Joe.  I stayed confused the entire time.  Although we stayed in the Central time zone, we crossed over that imaginary line back into the Eastern time zone many times as we were out and about seeing the sites.  I never knew what time it was.  We will all experience our normal day or two of confusion when we switch to Daylight Savings here on Sunday, November 1st.  However, I spent a week feeling like I was in Ground Hog Day, the movie.

Upon arriving home here in High Falls, I encountered a situation as mysterious as the stealing of 100 cats a while back.  Much to my chagrin, my Monroe County Reporter was missing from my mailbox!  I desperately wanted to find out if my name was on the Obituary page again.  Luckily the MCR has an online edition for subscribers.  I bet when they find those catnappers, they will find my newspaper!

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