Friday, October 2, 2015

My Solution to Gun Violence

Last week, the Editor of this newspaper placed a disclaimer on my column stating, “This column does not represent the views of this newspaper or its ownership.”  Of course it doesn’t!  Everybody knows that!  There would be no point to this column if it did.  Therefore I affirm the disclaimer made by the Editor.  I am solely responsible for my words and for that reason; I strive to always tell the truth and not simply please the Editor with my opinions.  I therefore offer my hand to Will Davis, the Editor, and say, “Let’s just agree to disagree!”

Before the ink was dry on John Boehner’s resignation, the Republican’s choice to succeed him as Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy took to the podium for Americans to get to know him.  Mistake.  As soon as he opened his mouth, Republican leaders everywhere must have thought, “What have we done?” 

First, on Fox News McCarthy bragged that the Benghazi House Committee’s mission was to lower Hillary’s poll numbers. He seemed very happy it was working. I couldn’t help but smile because finally the allegations and suspicions about this bogus “truth seeking” committee were confirmed.   This wasn’t just a gaffe; McCarthy forgot he wasn’t supposed to tell the truth!

My first clue that perhaps McCarthy wasn’t ready for primetime came when he said, “Hillary is untrustable.”  Huh?

McCarthy then took to the floor of the House of Representatives and made the most incoherent speech ever made from the well of the House. I also point out that he was reading, or attempting to read, from prepared text.  For instance, he said, “ To those who return home are being disrespected by the VA, that can’t keep the simple promise to all of our heroes to the need when they need it most.”

And then among many other incoherent statements, McCarthy said, “We must engage this war of radical Islam if our life depended on it.” 

I thought I was watching a parody skit from Saturday Night Live.

I admit that part of me thinks it’s funny for Republicans that they are about to elect, not only the least experienced Speaker in modern history, but one that is inarticulate in both the written and spoken word. This can only help the Democrats.  However, this will only hurt our country and our reputation in the world’s eyes.  Remember, The Speaker of the House is next in line, after the Vice-President, to be the President of the United States.  Where do they get these guys?

Normally I write about events and issues occurring in real-time.  I just can’t bear to write about another tragic shooting.  As President Obama said, “This has become routine.”  I was talking to my sister about this latest massacre and she said, “Now, there’s no use in you jumping on gun control again.”  My sister and I rarely agree on issues, but this time I agree with her.  If the mindset of Americans about guns has not changed after so many tragedies, it’s hard to keep hope. 

If the National Rifle Association won’t give an inch to help remedy this situation, then perhaps it’s time we “tapped out”.  Instead of sensible gun laws with background checks, we can place our children in bullet-proof vests and protective headgear before we send them off to school.  We can shut down all movie theaters and we can outlaw all public gatherings.  We send our children to Pre-K to prepare them for school.  Maybe we should include firearms training in that program.  After all, banning weapons capable of massacring a class full of children in seconds will violate our Second Amendment right to bear arms.  I’m not making fun; I’m making a point.

That point is it’s time we admit that our love affair with guns has gone too far and is taking the lives of too many Americans.  The truth is, our forefathers who crafted the Constitution, did not fathom any weapon more powerful than a musket. 


  1. It will continue to make no sense until people finally realize what the true problem is. For example, around 2,100,000 people die each year from preventable hospital errors. So that means we must have a problem with too few scalpel control laws, The AMA is buying off the GOP, or medical schools are producing too many assault doctors. :)

  2. So, when I heard him say "Untrustable", the first thing I thought was, Oh dear, this man wants to be speaker? Believing that in order to be speaker, one should be able to speak, preferably in a coherent manner, using real words that have real meaning. Apparently, he is known for mangling our language and incoherent sentence structure. Grab the popcorn, this is gonna be fun.