Friday, October 30, 2015

Republicans. A Party of "Whinos."

I was underwhelmed with the CNBC Republican debate last week.  What I saw on that debate stage were eight angry white men, one angry white woman, and one Forrest Gump.  John Kasich, normally mild-mannered, came right out of the gate like a bull saying that all his opponents’ policies were crazy.  I agree, and since I feel Kasich is the most qualified Republican in the race, I was buoyed that this could be Kasich’s moment.  Not to be, though.  Trump came right back at him and slapped him with his connection to the Lehman Brothers scandal.  Right before my eyes, I saw Kasich tuck his tail and crouch in the corner like a wounded dog. 

I was appalled that the angry white woman, Carly Fiorina, asked that we vote for her because she would be “Hillary’s worst nightmare.”  I know people love female catfights, but hopefully not enough to vote for a person for that reason.  

Ted Cruz is the most consistently angry candidate.  I wonder if his face would break if he laughed?  Chris Christy is rude and the master of bullying.  That’s a symptom of anger.

Mike Huckabee may be the angriest of them all.  He’s certainly not the poster boy for Christianity, in my opinion. 

Poor Jeb.  He just can’t sink to the level of the other candidates.  To please his base, he was supposed to be angry during the debate.  He tried, but you can’t show anger if you’re always smiling!  Those weren’t smiles of happiness, however. Those were smiles of disgust.  He is accustomed to more substantive and civil exchanges.

Rubio, Rubio, where for art thou, Rubio?  He’s a lost little boy with a Rolex watch. 
He pretends anger and toughness, but I see the fright in his eyes.

And Ben Carson?  He has accomplished much in his medical career and by most reports, a nice guy.  We all like Forrest Gump but we wouldn’t want him to be our President. 

The candidates turned this debate into nothing more than a fight over time to speak to get that “sound bite” moment.  They were asked plenty of economic policy questions.  Many chose not to answer them.  Those that did answered the questions in a sophomoric manner.  “We need to pay taxes like a tithe.”  “We need to fill out an IRS postcard and send it in.”  Still my favorite, “We’re going to build a wall, a huge wall, and put a big beautiful door in the middle.”  Broad statements like these lack a fundamental understanding of political reality.

The complaining, moaning, and groaning of the unfairness of the debate moderators began before the first question was ever asked.  Then they complained about the assignment of green room (waiting room) space. “His room is more luxurious than mine!”  Since the debate, the grousing has gotten stronger.  I see this as nothing more than an attempt to detract from their lack of policy knowledge.  They want their questions to be “more fair.”  Translated that means, “softer questions.”  Trump’s theme of the night was that Hillary got only softball questions in the CNN debate in Las Vegas.  Mr. Trump, they only appeared to be softball questions because Hillary made it look so easy to hit the ball over the fence. 

Now the GOP presidential candidates are making demands on the networks for future debates.  Ted Cruz suggests that moderators should have to prove they are Republicans before they can moderate.  Perhaps Ted Cruz should prove he is an American citizen before he is allowed to join that debate.  I wouldn’t be surprised if their next demands involved writing their own questions or being provided questions in advance. 

Ben Carson thinks the debate should not be that of sharing opinions, but a chance for voters to get to know the candidates and their thought processes.  By the way, Mr. Carson, the question you were asked about your connection to Mannatech was not a “gotcha” question as you are saying.  Unless, of course, it “got you.”  That was a fair and relevant question within your guidelines of “getting to know” you and your “thought processes.” 

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  The Republicans are in a mellava hess. I did not see an electable candidate on that stage.  They are a party of angry “Whinos.”


  1. That was a debate? I thought it was a skit on Saturday night Live...My ribs are still sore from laughing.

  2. Love how she tells it....she was much kinder than I would have been....but love it...The ugly,vile things going on in the teabillie movement will destroy our country if we Democrats don't step up to the plate and not just us voters but our representatives in congress/senate also....