Friday, October 9, 2015

The GOP is in a Mellava Hess!

In my column last week I suggested that in the absence of sensible gun control, we should just give in and dress our children in bulletproof vests and protective headgear before sending them to school.  When I wrote those lines I thought it was such a preposterous and outlandish proposal that it would cause people to realize that perhaps guns aren’t worth these drastic measures.  Little did I know, my fantasy is already a reality.

After reading my column, a friend sent me a web link to a site called Bullet Blocker.  When I clicked on the link, what I saw turned my stomach.  The cover picture was of a mother holding her little daughter’s hand as they were walking to school.  The little girl was wearing a bulletproof backpack! 

The Bullet Blocker site advertises an array of bulletproof garments and other items. These clothing items are very stylish and designed to conceal its life-saving function.  As you can imagine, they are a tad pricey.  If you hurry, there is a purple child’s backpack on sale for $189.   A child’s nylon jacket is a mere $750.

The company has a nice collection of bulletproof leather jackets for a minimum of $1000.  These jackets are suitable for the more casual affairs you attend where you suspect a shooting may occur.  For you businessmen who deal with irate clients, you can purchase suit jackets starting at $1,000.  I particularly like the farm jacket for $1,000. Lots of shootings take place on farms.  If you work in a medical clinic, a white bulletproof lab jacket is the perfect protection for only $900.  Spend a lot of time at the gym?  A bulletproof duffel gym bag for $300 may be for you.  If you are on a tight budget but want minimum protection, you can purchase various briefcases for less than $500, or a notebook folio for only $145.

A sign these body armor garments are growing in popularity and have become mainstream, replacement bulletproof inserts and backpack panels can be purchased from The North Face, Under Armor, JanSport and LL Bean, to name a few.  So for you who want to protect your child without mortgaging your house, you can buy a Walmart book bag for $10 and then purchase a backpack protective bulletproof panel for $99.

The mere fact these items are on the market is a sad commentary on where we are in this world today. If I had a stockbroker, I would be saying “buy, buy, buy.” 

In last week’s MCR, I hope you read the guest column by Erick Erickson entitled Gold Dome:  Pay to play.  Most of you know Erick Erickson as a popular WSB right-wing radio host, a frequent fill-in for Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News contributor from Macon.  I nearly missed his column because, for some reason, I’ve never been a fan.  He predicted the days of the GOP controlling the legislature in Georgia are coming to an end. He says the Republican Legislators view their office as a get-rich-quick scheme.  He said the Legislature under the leadership of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and Speaker David Ralston is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme of check writers.  And I really loved the part about Republican leaders are for sale to the highest bidder and do not listen to voters.  Erick Erickson explains that lobbyists and special interest groups, like billionaire casino owners, are hauling money into the State Capitol.   There’s little doubt that casinos are in our near future in Georgia.

These were words of one of the most prominent Republican, conservative pundits in our country.  I have been writing about the shenanigans under our Gold Dome for quite some time now.  Erickson is very plugged into the Republicans and what’s going on at the Capitol.  If he says it’s bad, then I believe it must be very bad!  I feel so vindicated! 

Georgia isn’t the only place with warning signs that the GOP is falling apart.  Look at what’s going on in Washington.  The GOP there is in a tailspin.  They are in a mellava hess.

Marilyn Langford

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