Monday, December 4, 2017

Trump Stars in Re-make of Movie, Liar, Liar

Remember the 1997 movie Liar, Liar, starring Jim Carrey?  He played the role of Fletcher Reede who was a successful, winning attorney mainly due to his dishonesty and lying.  He lied convincingly. Today his sexual harassment in the workplace would not be tolerated (hopefully.)  After consistently breaking commitments to his son, his son wished that his Dad would stop lying for 24 hours.  Suddenly, Fletcher discovers he can only speak the truth. 

I WAS thinking of Liar, Liar after hearing Donald Trump say for the twentieth time, “This thing, (tax cut bill) will cost me a fortune.   Believe me.  Believe me, it’s not good for me.  My rich friends are going to be so mad at me.  Believe me!  Believe me!”  

OUR FIRST lesson as a child is, do not tell a lie.  Raising a child that tells the truth is most important to us. We threaten them with our all our parental power when we think they are telling a lie.  As adults, we assume everyone is telling the truth until we catch them in a lie.  Former President George Bush mangled this old saying but we all got the message, “Lie to me once, shame on you.  Lie to me twice, shame on me.”  The truth from Donald Trump is scarcer than hen’s teeth.  The website, PolitiFacts, is a site made up of Editors and Reporters who fact-check statements made by politicians and others.  PolitiFacts reports that Trump’s statements were false 70% of the time, 11% were mostly true, and only 4% completely true.  

LIKE FLETCHER’S son in Liar, Liar, I wished that Trump would stop lying and could only speak the truth for 24 hours. I realized my wish had been granted on Saturday morning! After saying repeated that he fired General Flynn because he lied to Mike Pence, he finally admitted the truth when he tweeted “I fired Mike Flynn because he lied to Mike Pence and the FBI.”  He actually admitted to obstruction of justice!  Before the spell could wear off, I had the opportunity to interview the President.  Here is the transcript.

Me:      We know you were advised by Sally Yates on January 26 that Flynn lied to the FBI.  Sally Yates was fired on January 31.  Now that you have finally admitted that you knew Flynn lied to the FBI, why did you wait until February 13th to fire Mike Flynn?
Trump: Because I owed my election to Mike for his backroom deals with Russia.  I thought I could get James Comey to make it all go away for me with the FBI and I would be “in like flynn” with the Russians. Comey wouldn’t pledge his support to me, so I had to fire him, too. 

Me:      Why won’t you release your income tax returns?
Trump: Many of my financial transactions are with some very bad people in other countries.  Very bad people.    I need people to believe I got my money the old fashion way—that I earned it.  My tax returns are the single piece of evidence that proves the Tax Scam Bill will benefit me hugely.  Besides, they will show I’m not really a billionaire and that would be very, very bad for me.

Me:     You have repeatedly said, “No collusion.”  Did your campaign collude with Russia and Putin to throw the election for you?
Trump: You don’t think my election was a fluke, do you? 

Me:      Why are you the last person on earth that will not say or do anything that is not complimentary about Vladimir Putin?
Trump: Putin has told me he is my friend, he has said good things about me, and he has pledged not to release the pee pee tapes he has of me.  He also told me that as long as I’m loyal to him, he will make me a real billionaire.

Me:        Is it true that you sexually assaulted at least 15 women?
Trump:  No, that is not true!  It was many, many more than that!  I paid them off and made them sign non-disclosure agreements.  Somehow, I missed those women that came forward during my campaign.  I remember one time, there was this young girl who brought charges against me ...I gotta go!  What have I done???  The spell has worn off!  I have to go think of a lie to cover up the truth I told about Flynn lying!  I have an idea!  I will make my personal attorney take the fall.  Believe me!  Believe me!

SO THAT’S  it, folks.  We finally know the truth.  Now we have to wait for it to set us free.

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