Monday, November 27, 2017

Alternative Suggestions for Time Magazine's Person or Thing of the Year

Time magazine will announce their Person of the Year next week.  We have no clue who or what will grace the cover page, but we know who it won’t be—Donald Trump.  Trump claims he was offered this coveted award but he turned it down.  No, Donald, it doesn’t work that way, but nice try, though.  

Time explains their selection process of Person of the Year is based on where the world is and a picture of where it’s going.  They say it doesn’t have to be a person, but may also be something that feels like a force of history.  Something that was important in this year that will be chronicled in history.  Well, that certainly narrows the field!

I have my own list of suggestions for Time’s Person or Thing of the Year. 
Donald Trump’s Brain
I make this suggestion because Trump’s brain is shaping our history.  And, let’s face it folks, we are all intrigued by the dysfunction of his brain and wonder what is underneath that hair.  Trump’s brain tells him to lie, and then continue to repeat the same lie until it morphs into a fact.  Trump’s brain tells him he’s “smart” and “has good words.”  His brain tells him “what I think is all that matters” and “I alone can fix it.”  The part of his brain that thinks, reasons, and experiences emotion is surely being devoured by his ego.  Trump’s brain has the ability to make abnormal behavior seem normal.  Trump’s brain should be the Thing of the Year because I believe it has dumbed down America more than drugs could in 100 years.  

Roy Moore                                   
Who would have ever thought we would be arguing whether a pedophile should be elected?  Forty years ago, when Roy Moore was molesting young girls, I bet he never realized he was changing the moral foundation of our country.  Of course, 40 years ago, evangelicals did not foresee they would be defending a pedophile either. So, I nominate Roy Moore for his contribution to the moral decay of our country.  (He has to share this honor with Donald Trump for paving the way for him.)

Republican Controlled Congress
Our Founding Fathers were smart and had good words, too.  They worded the Constitution to keep a party that controls all three branches of government from completely destroying our democracy.  Thank heavens the Republican Congress has a few morally responsible people left.  I nominate the Republican Controlled Congress because they have done nothing, absolutely nothing, to improve our government for its people.   It is historical to have such an impotent Congress and we are very thankful!  

This social media application has changed the way we communicate and how we receive our news.  It is the President’s communication tool of choice.  From Trump’s brain to his fingers.  It’s a simple, easy, and quick way to communicate.  Now we don’t have to wait for the 9:00 p.m. Presidential Address to the Nation.  Just imagine the tweet, “We are at war!”  dot, dot, dot dot…..  

 Steve Bannon
For the first time in history, we have a co-President in Steve Bannon.  Unknown to the average American, he seemed to appear out of nowhere when Trump named him Chief Executive Officer of his campaign, and later when the President named him Chief Strategist.  He started as an editor of a far-right online news site. He and his site, Breitbart, are the founders of the alt-right movement.  With his face stubble, unkempt hair, and wearing three shirts, one has to wonder if you can smell alcohol coming out of his pores.  He is a white nationalist coddler.  Bannon deserves this nomination because of his historical impact on our country.  In a short while, he has normalized racism again.

My number one pick for Time Magazine’s highest distinction would be, TA DA…Women! and those cute pink caps with pussy cat ears.  Women are the leaders of the anti-Trump movement.  They don’t have a centralized leader, not even a name.  Some are members of Indivisible, Pantsuit Nation, but most are members of thousands of small groups which sprung up organically in nearly every pig trail in America.  They all have one thing in common—to stop Trump and his destructive policies.  These women write the letters to Congress, they make the phone calls, they march in the streets, they register voters, and recruit candidates to run for office.  Women halted the unconstitutional ban on immigration.  They stopped the clean repeal and replace of the Affordable Health Care Act.  They led the fight to ouster Trump’s deplorables from his staff and one time, a cabinet secretary. Except for a few, men are invisible, not indivisible.  In short, women are saving the government for the people.  Women “alone are fixing it.” 

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