Monday, December 11, 2017

FOX Attacks Mueller and FBI for Trump

Buckle your seat belts, here we go folks!  As Independent Counsel Robert Mueller gets closer to the truth about the President, his son, and son-in-law, Trump’s allies on the conservative right are launching a last-ditch effort to end the Russia investigation.  They are all singing from the same hymnal-- Mueller is biased and the FBI is an organization in tatters.  Really?  In fact, just a few months ago they were singing from the hymnal that Robert Mueller was the most qualified, most fair person that could be appointed to this position.  So, what is happening to make the right-wingers run around with their hair on fire?  The truth is happening, that’s what!

IF YOU GET your news from FOX, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s so obvious what they are doing, even Stevie Wonder can see it.  Right-wing conservatives are conspiring to weaken Robert Mueller, the Justice Department, and FBI so that when Trump fires Mueller, it will be a knock-out blow.  When they say the FBI is a sick agency, they have no evidence to cite.  When they say Mueller is biased, they have no evidence to support that either.  They are using the same Russia propaganda technique of saying it loud enough, over and over again, until people start believing it.  They do internal polls to determine what will work and what is working with these baseless allegations.  

ROBERT MUELLER is living up to this reputation.  He is being very thorough, leaving no stone unturned.  We, as Americans, should expect no less.  We have absolutely no evidence that this is a “witch hunt” by Mueller.  He was hired to find out if Russia interfered in our Presidential election and to what extent our current leaders may be indebted to Russia for their assistance.  If by “witch hunt” Trump means that only his close advisors are being targeted, he is correct.  Who else should he be investigating?  If the people who are being investigated are innocent, then they have no worries.  But, like the old saying, “a hit dog hollers.”  

WE’VE ALREADY heard enough evidence for any reasonable person to know Russia did interfere with our election.  We are just waiting to hear who, what, when, where.  Like Trump, I want this investigation over, but I want it finished, not diminished.  

THIS INVESTIGATION by Robert Mueller is the most important one in our country’s history.  If we are to remain a country of free democracy, we must stop these foreign agents and sympathizers in their tracks.  If this investigation is allowed to be thwarted, we will look back to this time in history and know this was the turning point.  

THINGS ARE about to turn nasty, real nasty.  It’s time to start thinking which side you will come down on…either on the side of people you know will sell their souls for one seat in the Senate, or on the side of truth and preservation of our democracy.

AS I WRITE this, I just returned from the funeral of former Monroe County Commissioner Joseph Proctor, Sr. of High Falls.  I assure you, Mr. Joe was not your average “joe”.  A native Monroe Countian, Mr. Joe has played a major role in developing Monroe County and High Falls into the great place it is today.  When we moved to High Falls eighteen years ago, Mr. Joe was a godsend to us.  He took us under his wing and guided us through the many issues of relocating to a new county.  We also owe Mr. Joe for the water we drink and the road we drive on.  We all appreciate animal rescuers, but Mr. Joe was special in that he was a squirrel rescuer.  When road crews, utility companies, and neighbors found a baby squirrel in need, Mr. Joe would patiently nurse them until they were well enough to be released.  Mr. Joe was also an historian of Monroe County.  While I loved his stories about High Falls in its hay-day when business was booming during the days of the railroad and grist mill, I neglected to document his stories.  I will always regret that.  If High Falls was a town (and it should be) Mr. Joe would have been the Mayor.  In Mr. Joe’s absence, I now nominate Mr. Billy Powell for that prestigious title.