Friday, May 6, 2016

THE LITTLE RED HEN--Starring Bernie & Hillary

All of us remember the folk tale of the Little Red Hen.  When the Little Red Hen found a grain of wheat, she asked all the other barnyard animals if they would help her plant it.  They all spoke a resounding “Not I!”  Throughout the process she asked for help to harvest, thresh, mill it into flour, and finally, to bake it.  She still got no assistance.  When the bread was baked, she asked who would help her eat it.  All of the barnyard animals responded, “I will!”  The Little Red Hen says, “No, I will eat the bread!”

The moral of this story is if you don’t participate in producing something, you should not reap the benefits of the fruits of the labor of those that volunteered.  I remind you of this tale to make the point that the Little Red Hen (Hillary) has worked 40 years building the Democratic Party, fundraising for the State Democratic Parties, and helping individual candidates.  When the hard work of the Little Red Hen (Hillary) is about to pay off (bread is baked), along comes the Sly Silver Fox (Bernie) and says he will eat the bread (enjoy the benefits of the Democratic Party). 

The Sly Silver Fox (Bernie) is not even a member of the barnyard (Democrat).  He is a self-avowed Socialist and never helped the Democratic Party or its candidates, and certainly never helped the Little Red Hen (Hillary) bake the bread. Bernie has given a whopping total of $1,000 to the Democratic Party.  This election cycle, Hillary has given a total of $4.5 million to State Democratic Parties.  She has an additional $9 million in her Victory Fund to use for the general election campaign to help candidates up and down the ballot. 

But it’s not all about the money for the Sly Silver Fox, (Bernie).  He wants to eat all the barnyard animals (Super Delegates).  These are members of the barnyard (Democratic Party) who have been the backbone of the Party, many of whom have been helped throughout the years by the Little Red Hen (Hillary).  The barnyard animals (Super Delegates) will not abandon the Little Red Hen (Hillary) when the bread is baked.  The barnyard animals (Super Delegates) are loyal to the Little Red Hen. 

The Sly Silver Fox (Bernie) asked the barnyard animals (Super Delegates) if they would go with him.  They all enthusiastically responded, “No, I’m with her.  Go back to where you and Jane spent your honeymoon (Russia).”

The news cycle moved so fast last week I couldn’t keep up with it.  Cruz dropped out of the Republican primary. (Sorry Will).  Kasich dropped out.  (Sorry Ohio).  Sanders vowed not to drop out.  (Sorry Hillary).  Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee.  (Sorry America). 

I admit I never thought Trump would make it this far and I’m scared to death.  Whether he wins or loses, our country is the big loser.  We have spent years fighting for equal rights and making hate speech unacceptable. In one election cycle, Donald Trump has changed the personality and values of our nation.  Now “anything goes!” As bad and shocking as the discourse has been, I fear we “ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

The only winners I see here are cable news networks, MSNBC, CNN, and FOX.  It’s all Trump, all day and night.  “Breaking News.  Donald Trump just burped!”  (You know I wanted to use another word but I self-censored—unlike Trump). 

My regular readers know that I’ve been tough on Governor Deal.  Now twice in one month, Governor Deal has done the right thing instead of pandering to the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.  He vetoed the discriminatory Religious Freedom bill and now he has vetoed the controversial campus-carry bill.  I hoping that this lame duck Republican Governor will do the right thing again and save our rural hospitals.

Heads up!  The High Falls Volunteer Fire Department needs your help.  Their annual BBQ and Yard Sale is coming up Memorial Day weekend, May 28-29.  They are in dire need of donated items to sell.  You can drop your unwanted items off at the High Falls Fire Station at any time.  If you have any questions, please call the non-emergency number at the Fire Station.


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