Monday, September 3, 2018

Trump Needs Kavanaugh To Stay in Power

Last week was a week of death. We lost two great Americans, Aretha Franklin and John McCain. This week will follow suit if Brett Kavanaugh is nominated to the Supreme Court.  It will be the death of our confidence in the highest court in our country--the court that issues decisions that determine the quality of our lives.  It will be the death of non-partisan decisions made from that bench. It will be the death of laws that women fought tirelessly for years to achieve- Roe v. Wade.  It will be the death of laws that minorities should not have had to fight for- Affirmative Action and Social Justice.  It will also be the death of the balance of the Supreme Court.

FOR SEVENTY YEARS, the Supreme Court has been a balance of 4 liberals, 4 conservatives, and a swing vote that could go either way.  Because of this fairness, we may not have agreed with their decision, but we knew it was not done for political reasons.  With Kavanaugh on the bench, there will be 5 conservatives and 4 liberals.  No swing voter.  Decisions will be very predictable.  Remember, the Supreme Court can give us rights AND take them away!

BRETT KAVANAUGH is an extreme conservative Republican nominee.  His decisions as an Appellate Judge proves that to be a true statement.  There’s much more evidence out there that gives clear insight into how Kavanaugh thinks, but the White House has claimed Executive Privilege and will not release over 100,000 documents created when he worked for George Bush.  He was responsible for finding and vetting candidates for Federal Judgeships.  Many of his candidates were extreme and not appointed.  By hiding these documents, it begs the question, what are they hiding?  Never in history has Executive Privilege been invoked for a nominee.  

THE NOMINATION process for Kavanaugh has been accelerated.  What’s the big hurry?  Here’s why.  Trump is about to bump heads with Mueller.  It’s imperative for Trump to have Kavanaugh on the bench when that happens.  Kavanaugh stated in his nominating process to the Appellate Court that “we should not burden a president with a criminal investigation.”  He also said the Court may have erred when they ruled that Nixon had to turn over the tapes, which led to his resignation. How do you think he will vote when Mueller issues Trump a subpoena to testify to a Grand Jury?  Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s brilliant attorney, has stated they will fight it to the highest court.  That’s why Trump needs Kavanaugh.  How do you think he will vote if Mueller seeks an indictment of Trump?  That’s why Trump needs Kavanaugh.  What if Trump pardons himself?  That’s why Trump needs Kavanaugh.

THIS WEEK, as we sit through Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, he will face a tough grilling by Democrats, and soft-ball questions by Republicans. Senators will “perform” for the cameras, making more statements than questions. Kavanaugh will be evasive and never clearly answer a question.  He will say, “I rule in accordance with the Constitution.”  He will have a crafted statement for every conceivable question.  However, in 2006 at his Appellate Court nomination proceeding, he lied to the Committee and this lie got him confirmed.  He said he had no knowledge of Bush’s torture policy and treatment of detainees. One year later, it was revealed that he, indeed, was part of a very contentious debate on that policy.  He has shown us who he is and we should believe him.  

I THINK the odds that Kavanaugh will be confirmed by this very partisan, Trump lovin’ Senate are strong. This will be a country-changing event.  We only have to endure Trump for two more years.  A Supreme Court Justice serves for life and there’s not a dang thing anyone can do about it.  

LOOK FOR Trump to do something (else) outrageous this week to take the world’s eyes off these confirmation hearings.  Whatever it is, I have lost my ability to be surprised.

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