Monday, September 24, 2018

Kavanaugh is Another Bad Hiring Decision By Trump

How many times did you hear people say they voted for Trump because they believed he would “shake things up?”  Well, those people got their wish!  Or, perhaps you got your wish.  Our country and our government are certainly all shook up, almost to the extent it is not recognizable.  If you listened to the news even once last week, you know this is true. 

OTHERS HAVE said they wanted Trump to “drain the swamp.”  What those people failed to understand, some things in a swamp is essential for balance.  Plus, I don’t think they meant for him to drain the good, leave the bad, or replace the good with the bad.

OTHERS BELIEVED him when he said, “I will hire only the best people.” As of today, thirty-five people have either been fired or forced out from the White House and Cabinet level positions. We have no way of knowing how many lower tier employees have been forced out.  From relationships with Russia,spending abuses, spousal abuse, the reasons for the employees leaving are myriad.  Throw in the fact that his Campaign Manager and his “fixer” attorney are going to prison, you get the picture that Trump has no idea how to choose the “best people.”  You can’t be that wrong about that many people.

EITHER TRUMP cannot judge character, or, he likes only the people he feels share his own shady characteristics. He must be attracted to them by some kind of pheromone. That’s why when he spent last week saying, “I know Brett Kavanaugh.  He’s a good man.  The best.  Straight out of central casting,” Further, Trump said, “He has vehemently denied doing this,” I had to chuckle.  Obviously, Trump thinks if you deny, that’s all it takes.  Of course, he does. You don’t know a person from just two job interviews.  You’re lucky to even know a person after years of marriage.  You think you know your children but you never really know all the things they do. 

THE WORST thing about Trump’s adamant defense of Kavanaugh, I know in my heart of hearts that even if Kavanaugh did try to rape Dr. Ford, that would be acceptable to Trump.  The only thing that would make Trump admire him more would be if he had succeeded.  Trump has made his position clear that he does not like losers, only winners.  I will also add that if this happened the way Dr. Ford said it did, the only reason the rape was not successful was because of what she was wearing—a one-piece bathing suit under her clothes.  Ladies, you know you squeeze into those suits and you almost have to cut yourself out of them.  If I had a teenage girl today, I would require that as mandatory attire.

ON THURSDAY (?) we’re scheduled to meet and hear from Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford.  It’s like reading a book when you already know the ending.  Not a single Republican has met Dr. Ford, or heard her story.  Yet, Mitch McConnell says he has the votes to confirm Kavanaugh and assures us that no matter what happens, Brett Kavanaugh will be on the United States Supreme Court, where he will make decisions that shape our country for fifty years.  In my humble opinion, this is one situation where if there is a doubt over whom to believe, then Brett Kavanaugh must not be confirmed. 

HAVING SAID all that, late Sunday a classmate from Yale has emerged with a new allegation against Kavanaugh.  Deborah Ramirez contacted Republicans on the Judiciary Committee last week and shared the sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh when he was freshman. That’s interesting since Chairman Grassley and others had this information last week, yet they were insisting on fast-tracking the hearing so they could hold the vote on Kavanaugh.  Information has also been revealed that a third woman has come forward. 

WE’RE IN for a wild ride with this confirmation. It’s evolving by the hour.  Whatever the outcome, it will further divide our country.  As one who loves old sayings, I have one for you for this occasion.  Once is a mistake.  Twice is pattern.  Three times is a habit.

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