Monday, August 6, 2018

QAnon--Crazy Explained

What if I told you that there is really no investigation into Russian collusion, but that Trump and Robert Mueller were working together to investigate Democrats and Obama officials who are pedophiles and cannibals?  What if I told you that JFK, Jr. and his wife staged their own deaths in the plane crash so they could work with Trump on the war against the deep state?  What if I told you the Sandy Hook massacre didn’t happen, but was faked to achieve gun control?  What if I told you they claim there is a video that shows Hillary Clinton chopping the face off a child?  What if I told you Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and John McCain are wearing ankle bracelets?  What if I told you Tom Hanks is running a pedophile ring?

I HOPE you would say that I was bat sh** crazy and demand I be put away somewhere for fear I would hurt someone.  However, it would not be surprising if someone reads this and says, “She hit the nail on the head!”

THOSE THINGS I stated are just a few of the beliefs of a new and potentially dangerous group that has made its way from the dark side of the web and burst into the sunshine at Trump’s rally in Florida last week.  Perhaps you saw them as they taunted and shouted obscenities at ‘the news media that Trump describes as the “enemy of the people.”  They were wearing T-Shirts emblazoned with a “Q” and holding signs up front for Trump to see. 

THE GROUP originated on a deep web digital message board that harkens back to the early Internet days before social media.  They call themselves ‘QAnon’ because the site claims to be run by an inside government official with a high-level security clearance, aiming to expose the deep state plot against Trump and therefore, must remain anonymous.  He calls himself ‘Q’ and his followers take that as a clue he is in Intelligence or the military, based on ‘Q” in the James Bond films.  ‘Q’ posts clues about the coup that is going on to vanquish the deep state and send Hillary Clinton and George Soros to Gitmo.  ‘Q’ calls his clues “breadcrumbs” and his followers are called “bakers.”  With each new breadcrumb, ‘Q’s’ followers debate ad nauseam about what it means, and with each new bread crumb, a new conspiracy theory is born. 

THE PROOF they offer that JFK, Jr. and his wife faked their death is followers have reported they have seen them wearing disguises in the crowd at Trump rallies.  The proof that Hillary, et al are wearing ankle bracelets is that Hillary was seen wearing boots over her ankles and Huma Abadin was seen wearing bell bottom pants.  As for all the other conspiracies, they say there is no evidence to disprove it.   Can’t argue with that.

NOT EVEN the bakers know who ‘Q’ is.  Some say it is JFK, Jr. himself.  Some say it’s General Flynn.  Some say it’s Trump, himself.  Who knows?  It could be a 400 lb. person sitting on their bed.  Russia perhaps?  I don’t see any reason why it would be.

YOU MAY BE thinking, what is the harm in these people expressing these beliefs?  After the Pizza Gate theory that Hillary Clinton was operating a child sex ring from a DC pizza joint, a man fired an AR-15 into the building.  After the report came out about James Comey’s handling of Clinton’s emails, the ‘Q’ believers insisted there was a second secret report and began calling for its release.  Recently, a man drove an armored truck to the Hoover Dam loaded with weapons and demanded the second report be released. Luckily, nobody got hurt. This time. These ‘QAnon’ believers are the craziest of the crazy.  One day, folks.  One day.

THE BAKERS believe that when they decipher all the clues, Trump will be triumphant in ridding the government of all those that seek to undermine his presidency and America will be saved.  In addition to the unintelligible “crumbs” given to them by ‘Q”, the bakers are always searching for more clues.  Every word Trump speaks and every tweet is analyzed by the bakers for clues.   The bakers believe that since Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, they look for anything around Trump regarding the number 17.  They walked away from the Trump Florida rally emboldened by evidence that Trump is with them.

THERE’S NO evidence that Trump has anything to do with ‘QAnon.’ However, at the rally, when speaking about before he was inaugurated, he said, “I was probably in Washington in my entire life 17 times.  True 17 times!”  “So, I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue, again, I’ve only been there 17 times!  He continued, “So I’ve been there 17 times, never stayed a night!”  Don’t you think that’s weird? I have been to DC many times over my life time but couldn’t tell you how many times if you put a gun to my head.  The believers came to find, or hear the number 17.  It is clear to me—Trump was sending a message to his believers, ‘cause Trump loves him some conspiracies. There’s no evidence to disprove I’m wrong.

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