Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Has Roger Stone Pulled His Last Dirty Trick?

To the chagrin of most Democrats, myself included, it appears the Mueller investigation will not be finished in time for the mid-term elections.  The thinking is that while there is no law, historically the Justice Department has not released information that may sway an election one way or the other.  However, it’s not unprecedented that they do so.  You will recall James Comey did a number on Hillary Clinton just prior the 2016 election.  Comey feared that if he did not make it known there were more emails, he would be accused of favoring Hillary.  He made a political decision to ignore the unwritten rule.  Mueller will not do that because he will not be swayed by politics. Trump has at least until February or March after the new Congress is sworn in to be exposed as an illegitimate President. Oh well.  While it would be nice for the news to come before the mid-terms, that means there will only be a blue wave instead of a tsunami. 

THAT BEING said, there may be time for one more Friday afternoon of indictments before the mid-terms; maybe 3 or 4 new indictments (witches), adding to already over 30 indictments.  My money is on Roger Stone and his associates as the next ones to make the perp walk.  It’s ironic that the Netflix documentary about Roger Stone’s life was entitled, Get Me Roger Stone.  After fifty years of his sleazy, dirty political tricks, it’s about damn time somebody got Roger Stone!  Stone’s specialty is political cheating by any means necessary.  He was Richard Nixon’s political trickster and bag man.  In fact, he loved Nixon so much, he got a tattoo of Nixon’s face on his back. 

AFTER STONE’S hero, Nixon, bit the dust, he went into the lobbying business with none other than Paul Manafort and Charles Black, whose clients included such fine third world dictators as Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and others.  An example of his campaign work is the infamous Willie Horton ad that killed Dukasis in his Presidential bid. During the Gore/Bush recount in Florida, Stone organized the Brooks Brothers riot of Republicans protesting against the recount.  It has not been proven, but Terry McAuliffe accused Stone of forging the document showing that George W. Bush had not fulfilled his service obligations, which led to CBS reporting this and Dan Rather’s reputation being nearly destroyed.

 STONE’S CLIENTS read like a who’s who in Republican politics.  The number of dirty tricks attributed to him is too long to list and most are not appropriate to print in this newspaper.  Stone always manages to deny and lie his way out of responsibility for these acts.  Trump/Stone, two peas in a pod.

STONE AND Donald Trump have been long-time friends.  In the 1990’s Stone worked for Donald Trump as a lobbyist for his gaming casinos.  In 2000, Stone served as campaign manager for Trump in his failed run for President on the Reform Party’s ticket.  It has been said that was another Stone dirty trick.  It was to sideline Pat Buchanan to help George W. Bush win the nomination. Thereafter, Stone encouraged Trump to run for President again 2016.  Stone was Trump’s earliest campaign advisor in 2015 but left by August, 2015, claiming he quit and Trump claiming he was fired.  Regardless, he continued to campaign for Trump.  During the campaign, Ted Cruz accused Stone of planting a story that he had five extra marital affairs.  Cruz said, Stone is “pulling Trump’s strings.  He planned Trump’s campaign and he is his henchman and dirty trickster.”  During the campaign, both CNN and MSNBC refused to allow Stone on their network due to seriously nasty and bigoted tweets about television personalities. 

STONE IN his zeal to elect Trump, threatened Republican delegates to the National Convention that if they opposed Trump, he would publicly release their hotel room number.  When the gold star father, Khizr Khan spoke at the Democratic Convention, Stone accused Khan of sympathizing with the enemy. 

ROGER STONE’S tweets before the release of Hillary and Podesta’s emails indicated he knew it was going to happen.  Stone has denied this.  However, he has since admitted that he had personal contact with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange and with a person claiming to be Gucifer 2.0, whom the intelligence services say was the persona used by the Russian military hackers.

IN MY opinion, I think Stone, with Trump’s blessing, left the campaign in order for Stone to get “down and dirty” to do whatever necessary to help Trump, including colluding with Russian operatives.  By pretending not to be a part of the campaign, Trump had deniability.  Remember, Stone and Manafort were former business partners, Manafort had close ties to the Kremlin, and Manafort showed up out of nowhere and became Trump’s campaign manager.  Coincidence?  I don’t know why it would be.

I DON’T SEE how Stone is going to talk his way out of this one.  Finally, Roger Rabbit is out of tricks!


  1. Nice summing-up. I hope he gets his.

  2. Well, we agree. However stone, trump, et al, are master equivocators.and can spin the facts, turn them around and have the dumbest people believing. I read in awe and just shake my head in wonderment how they wiggle and squirm but, manage to avoid the truth. which by the way doesn't seem to be believable these days. If we as citizens can't believe the FBI. DOJ, CIA, judicial system and, our president then the fabric of these united states and it's constitution are meaningless. my two cents

  3. Unfortunately, you hit the nail on the head. It's amazing how fast he has managed to damage everything this country has held sacred.