Monday, July 23, 2018

Trump and Fascism

This is the week you’ve all been waiting for—the week I write something good about Trump.  Ready?  Trump will look dashing in an orange jumpsuit that matches his hair. 

I SPENT twelve years of my life working in the intelligence community, specifically the National Security Agency.  Last week as I watched Trump in Helsinki standing beside Putin, the real enemy of the world, and endorse Putin’s idea of turning over certain government employees for interrogation by his GRU (Russian Intelligence), I fought back the tears.  First, tears of sadness and then tears of anger.  Trump denied the reporting by all our intelligence agencies in our country that Russia interfered with our elections by stating that “I see no reason why it would be Russia.”  Two days later, he stated he misspoke and meant, “I see no reason why it wouldn’t be Russia.”  On that I call BS!  Low and behold, Republican leaders were all understanding and forgiving.  I call BS on that, too.  If Obama had said those exact words, he would be hanging from a tree in the Rose Garden.  You know it’s true!

THE WORSE is yet to come.  Trump spent two hours alone with Putin, and Trump said, “we discussed many things.”  That’s all we know.  Trump has announced that he has invited Putin to the White House to discuss implementing the things they discussed.  Whatever it is, I guaran-damn-tee you it’s not in the best interest of our country.   If only Mueller had indicted Putin when he indicted his 12 intelligence officers for election interference, we would not be concerned with Putin ever setting foot on our soil again.  When Mueller’s investigation is over and done, the one thing I want to know is why Putin was not indicted. 

I HAVE never been a conspiracy theorist.  I have been trained to only be swayed by facts.  The facts are pointing more and more to a conspiracy between Trump and Putin to change the world order.  Actually, that’s Putin’s desire and Trump is being duped to enable him.  Fact.  Trump is working hard to alienate all of our allies while endearing himself to all the autocrats of the world.  Fact.  If Trump alienates all the countries of NATO, who will protect us from Russia’s nuclear arsenal when Putin decides he no longer needs Trump?  Nobody.  Fact.  Our Constitution was carefully crafted to prevent an autocrat such as Trump from serving as President.  Fact.  The governing bodies tasked with complying with our Constitution have abdicated their responsibility in favor of their own political position.

TRUMP HUGS the flag to be cute.  Fact.  Trump disparages black NFL players who take a knee to protest injustice to their race and calls them unpatriotic.  Fact.  Trump hates the free press and calls them fake news.  Fact.  Trump pals around with a dictator that kills journalists.  Fact.  Trump threatens to strip security clearances from former Intelligence officials who criticize him. Fact. Trump is disrespectful to women.  Fact.  Trump has committed adultery and paid the women off to keep them quiet.  Fact.

BUT, YOU say, “I support him because the economy is doing so great.” This attitude is short-sighted.  Historically, after a boom there is a bust.  Trump has already started criticizing the Federal Reserve.  He is well on his way to having complete control over the Federal Reserve when his nominees for Governors of the Fed are confirmed by the Senate. Trump bankrupted a casino!  Do you trust him with control of all the money in our country?

THE DEFINITION of Fascism:  A political system based on a very powerful leader, state control of social and economic life, and extreme pride in country and race, with no expression of political disagreement allowed.  I’m pretty sure that during those two hours alone with Putin, Trump was undergoing advanced fascism training. 

You have two choices now to save our country.  In November, either vote out all those complicit with Trump or invest in the Rosetta Stone software to learn Russian. Fact.

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  1. AMEN!! History will be scathing about those who trade patriotism for nationalism.