Monday, May 21, 2018

Willie Sings to Me and You--Can you relate?

I just discovered a song by one of my all-time favorite singers—Willie Nelson.  It’s called Me and You. While it is said Willie was lamenting where he was in his life, I heard it as a political message just to me and you regarding where we find ourselves at this time.  If you listen to it with that in mind, you will chuckle throughout.  Here’s the refrain.  “The world has gone out of its mind, except for me and you.”  My sentiments exactly!

MORE THAN any other time in my memory, I need a reason to chuckle.  I find nothing about the Trump administration funny.  I find it laughable, but not funny.  I used to let my day be guided by the inspirational “thought for the day.”  Now my thoughts are controlled by Trump’s infuriating Tweets.  To make matters worse, we have now been double-teamed by Trump and Giuliani.  Trump tweets what we’re to concentrate on for that day, followed by Giuliani telling us.  It’s orchestrated, and it’s called “Perception Management.”  We used to call it “propaganda,” but perception management is propaganda on steroids.  We’re constantly a target through what we read, what we hear, what we watch, and social media.  Although Trump is a master of perception management, he didn’t create it.  The Russians did!

IN 2003, the Russian Federation of Armed Forces (RFAF) changed their military policy to include the Cyber domain.  Seeing their success, in 2014, the Chief of General Staff of the RAFF described a new form of warfare, reflexive control (perceptive management.)  This process would target enemy leadership and alter their orientation in such a way that they make decisions favorable to Russia and take actions that lead to a sense of despair with their leaders and establish a base for negotiation on Russian terms. Further, it was explained that reflexive control considers psychological characteristics of humans and involves intentional influence on their models of decision making.  This warfare is conducted by proxy forces consisting of media institutions and companies and overseen by the RFAF.  Hmmmm.  Make no mistake about it, we are the enemy, and the Russians had an easy target when Trump walked down that escalator.    

ME AND YOU, and all the people of our country are victims of perception management warfare on two fronts.  First the Russians, through their cyber hacking to affect our elections, through their state-run trolling farms to affect our ability to differentiate between truth and fiction, and successful control techniques of Trump’s weak mind.  The second front is the perception management Trump inflicts upon us every day. 

PERCEPTION management has nothing to do with the truth and in Trump’s case, his guilt or innocence.  Perception management is whatever Trump wants us to believe.  Coming from a man who has been fact-checked and shown to have lied 3,000 times in 466 days, I find everything he says suspect.  Just because he says “no collusion,” and “witch hunt” every time he opens his mouth, does not make me more prone to believe him.  Neither does his use of all caps and exclamation marks.  I want proof because his word is not his bond.  It didn’t work with me when Nixon said, “I am not a crook,” and it won’t work with me now.   I will believe Robert Mueller and it seems that’s what Trump is afraid of.  That’s why he and Giuliani are working over-time trying to discredit Mueller, the FBI, the Justice Department, the media, and anybody else that dares to speak truth to power.  My daddy always said, “A hit dog hollers.” As that ole Jaws shark gets closer, the louder Trump hollers.  I have always used that as a measure of the truth.

SOME PEOPLE can be put in a hypnotic state, others can’t.  Some people can be fooled by perception management, some can’t.  I will never surrender to this type of warfare.  You shouldn’t either.  Our nation depends on me and you. 

SING IT WILLIE!  “I used to have a friend I’d talk to.  We used to sit on the fence. Anymore I can’t relate to him, cause he ain’t got a lick of sense.  So, I’m asking you this question, I’m just talking to you, the whole world has gone out of its mind, except for me and you.”
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