Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump Republicans: It's Okay to Admit You Made a Mistake

As an opinion writer for the Monroe County Reporter for nearly three years, I know my audience. I know the majority of you are Republicans and that you voted for Trump. I have many friends who fall into that category. I know my audience is smart and discerning. This free advice is for you.

If you have pledged your troth to Donald Trump, I'd like to tell you it's time to leave him. During my years as a family law paralegal, I saw many clients holding on to bad marriages because they didn't want to admit they made a mistake. They were looking for something and they believed the promises. They did not want to believe their spouse was having an affair with someone else. They did not want to give up their hopes and dreams. Deep down, these clients feared losing their identity. They knew the “handwriting was on the wall” but did not want to read it.

He's a gonner. Cut your losses! Trump has not fulfilled on a single promise he made to you. You dreamed you would be living in a utopia if Trump was President. Trump loves only himself and is having an affair with Russia. You will not lose your identity as a Republican; you won't turn into a lib-tard. You are showing your true patriotism and love of country. And, the “handwriting is on the wall,” or in this case, on the White House stationery-- “I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That's taken off.” (wrong!)

That was in the official notes of the oval office meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and the Ambassador. (No wonder they were so happy). This leaves little doubt as to why Comey was fired, to stop the Russia investigation. After Trump fired Comey, he sent all his staff, including Vice-President Pence, to lie to the American people that Comey was fired because of how he treated Hillary Clinton and a scathing report from the Assistant Attorney General. The next morning, Trump threatened Comey in a tweet. The next day, Trump told NBC's Lester Holt that he did fire Comey because of the Russia thing. This, coupled with the notes of what he said to the Russians, sure sounds like obstruction of justice to me.

Then there's General Flynn... Trump's strange obsession with General Flynn! We now know that Trump and his transition staff knew about Flynn's relationship to Russia BEFORE he appointed him National Security Adviser. Trump knowingly allowed a Russian agent to be privy to our nation's highest classified information. Just prior to being appointed National Security Adviser, Turkey paid Flynn $500 thousand to represent their interests with Trump. Trump's a good actor, showing surprise and blaming Obama when it became public. Trump's willful decision to hire General Flynn who would be unable to pass security for employment with Seven-ll, gives us great insight into his judgment. That can mean one thing—Trump doesn't give a hoot about our national security. That infidelity to our country alone is enough to separate yourself from him.

Trump loves him some Putin and that remains the biggest mystery of all. His campaign staff and now members of his White House Staff had 18 conversations with Russians in the last seven months of the campaign. Why? I would like to know how many conversations they had with our allies such as Great Britain, Germany, France, and Canada in that same period. My guess is zip.

The cold hard truth you must face is that Trump is seriously flawed, and is missing the switch that tells him right from wrong. While he may be an excellent real estate developer, he knows nothing about how our government works or governing this country. You would not call an electrician to fix your plumbing. As a life long self-employed business man, Trump does not know how to work as a team. He has never had to take advice. As a real estate developer, you can make all your own decisions. If you make the wrong one, you can file bankruptcy and start over. As President, you have to weigh your decisions carefully because everybody's everything is at stake. We have already learned that Trump is a “knee jerk” reactor. Most importantly the people that surround him must be experienced and capable, because a President can't know or do everything himself. And, the people you hire must be of the highest integrity and character. He has not surrounded himself with those people.

The chaos and complete incompetency of the Trump Presidency will not get any better. Our country will not survive with new scandals every day and people being fired as routine. Whether they be sins of omission or commission, the result is the same. A telling sign was the admission by his staff that in order to accommodate Trump's very short attention span, they must place all reports and memos on one page. Further, they have to insert his name as many times as possible, to hold his interest to read that one page. I find it embarrassing to our nation that the foreign Heads of State on his over-seas trip were told to keep their speeches short to accommodate Trump. He has publicly stated that he does not read his daily security briefings. “They bore me.”

So, it's okay to admit you made a mistake. If you can't separate yourself from Trump due to a
misplaced sense of loyalty, then you should do it for the children's sake.

On Monday, Memorial Day, I will be in Alma, Georgia where George will be delivering the keynote speech for the Memorial Day Observance for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. I hope you have a great holiday weekend, but please take time to honor our veterans who sacrificed ALL for our great nation.


  1. At the core of Trump's campaign are racism and misogyny. Telling his supporters to give up requires backing away from hoping the clock could be turned back decades.

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