Monday, May 1, 2017

One Hundred Days of Trump! Are We Having Fun Yet?

One hundred days!  Has it really been only 100 days since the world turned on its axis and started spinning in the opposite direction?  Seems more like a thousand days to me.  They say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  I’m definitely not having fun. 

THESE PAST 100 days have been gut wrenching for people who feel as I do—Patriots that only want the best for our country and preserve our democracy.  For starters, we have a President who is not, and never will be a statesman. We have a President who declares important information in 140 characters.  We have seen our White House infiltrated by proven foreign agents and white supremacists.  We have an administration taken over by a “family.”  The administration has no set foreign policies.  The Secretary of State, the Ambassador to the United Nations, the National Security Adviser, and the President, all make conflicting statements on vital issues. We have a President who cannot discern the truth from a lie.  We have a President who diminishes the respect our country has enjoyed with the rest of the world. 

HAVING NO prior knowledge of how our legislative process works, Trump turned to the very thing an authoritarian is good at-- signing edicts.   Even that hasn’t gone so well for him.  The edicts that he’s signed targeting immigration have been challenged in our court system.  It’s the notion that we still have a semblance of “checks and balances” that keep myself, and people that feel like me, hopeful. 

IN TRUMP’S speech Saturday night, he bragged about how many “bills” he had signed.  Someone should explain to him the difference between an edict and a “bill.”  For me, and those that feel like me, the fact that Trump did not pass a single piece of legislation and has not received funding to build his wall, is a good thing.  Trump promised that Mexico would build the wall and it comes as no surprise that he is seeking funding from the American taxpayers to fund this ill-advised promise.  The only way our country can afford to pay for the wall is to get rid of healthcare funding.  The Wall vs. Healthcare.  For people who feel as I do, this is a “no-brainer.” 

FOR PEOPLE who feel as I do, the fact the Russia interfered in our election weighs heavy on our mind.  It appears highly likely that members of Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to assist Trump.  There has been no comment by the President condemning Putin’s actions, or denying his campaign may have been involved.  This behavior is out-of-character for Trump and adds to our suspicion.  This should be investigated doggedly.  Our highly partisan government leaders do not want to investigate for fear it will hurt their party.  People who feel, as I do, fear it will hurt our Democracy.

JUST THIS past Saturday, Trump declared his devotion to the Second Amendment while speaking to the National Rifle Association.  Saturday night, Trump chewed up the First Amendment and spit it out.  For people who feel as I do, we get that people love their guns.  That’s okay.  However, we feel it borders on treason to attack our First Amendment rights and the vehicle that brings us the truth—the press!

FOR THOSE of us who find all this unacceptable, we live with a sense of foreboding and 100 days can seem like a 1,000.

THE GOOD NEWS?  Millions of women who feel as I do are leading the resistance to protect our Democracy.  Trump’s election woke up many in our population who had become complacent in that our Democracy would always be here.  When Trump and the Republicans threw together a poorly planned healthcare bill, this provided the impetus for many Americans to express their opinions to their elected leaders.  The resistance worked and the message was heard loud and clear!  The only thing legislators fear more than Trump is losing their jobs. This is another form of “checks and balances” to protect our democracy. 

FOR SEVERAL years the Republican’s excuse for not doing something good for our country was, “that would be a slippery slope.”  Those words used to aggravate me.  Now a slippery slope seems pleasant, compared to where we are—plunging down the steepest mountain at warp speed headed into the abyss.  And it’s only been 100 days!

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