Sunday, April 9, 2017

Will Trump Display the Attributes of an Egg-Sucking Dog?

ONE DAY when I was very young, one of the dogs we had disappeared.  When I asked my daddy about it, he told me about egg-sucking dogs.  He said, “If they ever taste the inside of an egg, they will never stop, no matter what you do.”  Since, I have often thought about egg-sucking dogs.  What is it about the yellow yolk and the whites that dogs find so savory you can never break them from raiding a hen’s nest?  Is it like dog crack to them? 

LAST WEEK, after only eleven weeks in office, President Trump experienced the ultimate power of a President-- the power to launch destructive missiles against another country, while he sits safe and secure in his beach palace.  It’s too early to judge whether this was the right move at this point in time.  We have to wait to see if there is any “fall-out”  (pardon the pun). 

I AM worried, folks, really worried.  Trump’s approval ratings are at an all-time low for an 11-week President.  We learned from his rallies he is an adrenalin junkie and craves applause and adulation of the crowds.  We know he is a bully and bullies don’t stop until they meet their match. I fear he will find the pleasure of such great power addicting and if there is even a slight up-tick in his approval ratings, he will display the attributes of an egg-sucking dog. And then he won’t stop until he “meets his match.” 

IT’S EASY to sit at home in your comfortable recliner and cheer the words Trump said, “Bomb the hell out of them!”  However, this war stuff just became real to me. My niece’s stepdaughter is nearing the end of her four-year tour of duty with the U. S. Navy on the USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier.  The ship had just left Singapore headed to Australia. From Australia, they were bound for Hawaii and then our precious Heidi was coming home. On Sunday, the USS Carl Vinson was diverted to the Korean Peninsula.  We already know that Kim Jong-un is crazy as a bed bug and is most definitely an egg-sucking dog.  The unknown is what will Trump do with both the Korea and Syria crisis?

IF YOU say you know what Trump will do, you’re kidding yourself.  Nobody knows, not even his Security Council, his Secretary of State, or his Ambassador to the United Nations.  Nobody. On Sunday talk shows, each of Trump’s spokespersons projected different policy views on these issues.  Trump does not have a foreign policy period!  Ordinarily during a Presidential campaign, you learn the policies of the candidate on various issues.  Trump successfully distracted and hi-jacked the debates by insulting, name-calling and making outrageous statements until matters of importance were never discussed. 

PERHAPS I’M putting too much emphasis on Trump’s lack of foreign policy.  It wouldn’t matter anyway what he said back then.  He says one thing one day and contradicts himself the next day. That’s the behavior accepted from this president.  In the good ol’ days, if an elected official contradicted himself it was the kiss of death-- even more so if you were a candidate.  You were labeled a “flip-flopper” and no one would believe anything else you had to say.  Remember Presidential candidate John Kerry?

THINK ABOUT this before you go to bed at night…What if Trump turns out to be an egg-sucking dog and he’s the only one who can push that red button?  Goodnight!

SATURDAY is TAX DAY!  After his “total ban” is still languishing out there and his healthcare reform failed, Trump says the next thing he will tackle is tax reform.  He says it will be “phenomenal.”  There is no way the American people should even entertain any so-called tax reform from a President that will not release his tax returns.  How will we know without seeing his tax returns if the very things he wants to reform is a tax advantage for himself? 

WATCH THE tax reform issue folks.  Trump thinks the people have forgotten about his tax returns.  His tax reform plan will only shine a light on the issue, and a bright one at that.  It all starts on Saturday April 15th, Tax Day, as protests are planned nationwide demanding that Trump release his taxes. 

HAVE A great Easter weekend and I hope you make a memory!

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