Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump Furious With Tax Day Protesters

MONROE COUNTY was on the map!  MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s map, that is.  In preparation for the upcoming Tax Day marches set for Saturday, April 15, Maddow showed a map of each state with a red pin-point identifying where a Tax Day March was scheduled.  Georgia contained two red pins, one for Atlanta, and one for our very own Monroe County!  Actually, there were many more cities in Georgia that held Tax Day rallies, but they didn’t make it on Rachel’s map!  Finally, Monroe County is running with the big dogs!  And as they say on Facebook, LOL! 

YES, IT’S TRUE.  A Tax Day Rally was held in Forsyth this past Saturday in conjunction with rallies in nearly 200 cities across this nation calling for President Trump to release his tax returns.  Indivisible Monroe sponsored this local event with eighteen participants. While Indivisible Monroe cannot compete with the big cities in crowd size, the passion and message is the same.

TAX DAY rallies were held in our country throughout the 1990’s, consisting of anti-tax protests mostly by Libertarians and Republicans.  On April 15, 2009, a group called Taxed Enough Already (TEA) a/k/a The Tea Party, held a national protest across this country and the organization subsequently grew to every nook and cranny in the nation.  In fact, the Tea Party was very active here in Monroe County.  Nationally and locally, these are largely Trump supporters now.

THE TEA Party was allowed to express their right to freedom of speech and their right to assemble as provided in our Constitution. That’s why I was taken aback on Sunday morning when the President of the United States, Donald Trump, unleashed a Twitter storm against the Tax Day protesters.  He was “madder than a settin’ hen.”  He even said the protesters should be investigated!  What crime did the protesters possibly commit to require an investigation?  Trump’s outburst against releasing his tax returns confirms for me he is hiding something that surely would be devastating to his presidency.  It also confirms for me that Trump and his sympathizers think they have a monopoly on the First Amendment of the Constitution and it does not apply to liberals, progressives, or Democrats. 

ON TAX Day I supported Indivisible Monroe in their event and found the experience gratifying for two main reasons:  First, I was part of a national effort for a common cause.  Second, I was part of something that infuriated Trump.  The fact that we may be on the verge of World War III and Trump’s thoughts are of investigating people such as myself and other Monroe Countians, should tell a reasonable person that Trump’s only priority is himself.

TECHNOLOGY is grand but it can be damnation, too.  The past month has been a nightmare and I have been chasing my tail.  First, my debit card was compromised.  Since I was being issued a new card, I changed all my on-line payments and recurring payments to George’s card.  Not an easy task!  Two weeks later, George’s card was compromised.  Changed everything back to my new card number.  Then the unthinkable happened!  Last week, my cell phone had a “failure” and I had to do a hard reset on it. I have spent nearly every waking moment attempting to recover data, applications, contact numbers, and pictures.  My SD card was not installed as I mistakenly thought.  Plus, never trust Google Drive for storage.  I may never get my phone back like it was.  I have friends who don’t do technology and I envy their stress-free life.  Writing checks again and using a dial phone suddenly doesn’t seem so antiquated since the “technology devil” has it in for me.  I will leave you with this advice:  If this happens to your cell phone, find a ten-year old to assist you.


  1. wow ! Looks to me like the same person made all those signs. If that's the largest turn out you could muster looks like folks are losing interest .....