Monday, March 6, 2017

Trump's Lying Tweets have to Stop!

In previous columns I have reminded you of what former Premiere of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev said 55 years ago.  It is worth repeating. “We will bury you without firing a shot.”  We never thought it could happen, but unless we are careful, that time has become a possibility.

A perfect storm came together to elect a President who openly supports a Russian dictator who wants to destroy our Democracy.  It’s a proven fact by all of our intelligence agencies that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s server.  That fact alone should be enough for an American President to castigate the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.  Instead, Trump castigated our intelligence community.  That’s the pattern we are seeing in this presidency and that mindset will do nothing but weaken our democracy, weaken our nation, and strengthen Russia.

We Americans need an explanation as to Trump’s total support of Vladimir Putin.  When point-blank asked by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News about Putin being a killer, Trump’s response was, “We are, too.” What an odd thing for an American President to say! This was a perfect opportunity for Trump to decry Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the senseless killing of civilians, as well as the many murders and imprisonment of anyone who speaks ill of the Russian President.  Trump’s comment weakened America.

This past Saturday in one of Trump’s tweet storms, he emphatically stated that President Obama wiretapped his lines in Trump Tower.   He simply repeated, as fact, what he read on Breitbart News, the baby of Trump’s top aide, Steven Bannon, and the leader in alt-right news.  If Trump was interested in reporting the truth and not merely distracting Americans, he would have picked up the phone and called the Director of the FBI and demanded the truth. The Director would have told him what he told America today, “Trump’s wiretapping claim is false and must be corrected.”  Most people will view this for what it was, a President who lies for his own sake.  Other people will believe this outrageous allegation and repeat it to anyone that will listen.  That’s what Trump depends on.  For a President to make up lies, not to mention accusing a former President of a conspiracy to undermine the current presidency, weakens our country and our democracy.

I admit, I’m disappointed the lines were not tapped.  Since more than a dozen connections have been linked to Trump’s staff and Russia, we may never know if we have a foreign agent in our White House.

 It was reported that on Friday before leaving for yet another weekend in Florida, Trump pitched a hissy fit because Attorney General Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Trump’s staffers colluding with Russia in interference in our democratic elections.  In my opinion his tweets about Obama were directly in response to calls by the Democrats and (some) Republicans for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, and they won.  We know Trump does not take losing lightly and will always place the blame on someone else. 

Trump’s lying Tweets have to cease!  Trump is diminishing the good character and reputation the USA has held in the world.  The weaker we are, the stronger Putin is.  At some point, it may come down to the world being asked, whom do you believe?  Trump, or Putin?  That is when we may be buried without the Russians firing a single shot.  It will be deemed death of a country by suicide.

I love AARP!  Membership fee of $16/year is the best investment you can make if you’re over 50 years old.  As the Republicans in Congress, led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, push forward to dismantle Social Security and Medicare as we know it, AARP has set the stage for one heck of a fight on behalf of seniors.  Their 30-second advertisement saturating television is brilliant!  It shows Trump at the podium during a campaign rally.  He emphatically says, “I am going to protect and save your Medicare and Social Security.”  AARP is making sure he cannot deny having made that promise. So, why is Paul Ryan wasting so much time and energy planning its demise? With the help of AARP, those young, legislative whippersnappers will learn that hell hath no fury like a scorned Granny, in a wheel chair, with a HurryCane.


  1. obviously you are still just spouting the same rhetoric from the DNC. The fbi cia have both said there is no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and the kremlin. There is however a video of "44" leaning over and promising he will have more Leeway after the 2012 elections. And who can forget the picture of a smiling Hilliary with her "reset" button. Seems you have forgotten all the campaign donations and quid pro quo with China....your column seems to attract very few comments. Could it be the people of Monroe county recognize the assigning rantings of a pathetic loser

  2. you should rename this column "sleepy and hollow" or perhaps the "echo chamber" all I hear is DNC reverberations and regurgitations