Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trump Says: Forget the Food, I WANT Fighter Jets!

When I first started writing my opinions for the Monroe County Reporter, I received an email from a reader.  It read, “I just want to know why you think the way you do.”  I have been pondering that question for nearly three years now. I finally figured it out.

It’s because of SHOES!  You see, I was the youngest of nine and we were dirt poor.  That never bothered me; in fact, I never even knew we were poor.  Until it came to shoes.  I got two new pairs of shoes a year, one at Easter and one for back-to-school.  At home, I went barefoot to save my shoes.  When returning home from school, I would put them in a safe place so nothing would eat them.  I never, ever hid them in the oven, though.

My sister got a new pair of shoes for Easter.  She was very excited because she usually got hand-me-down shoes from her male cousin.  The older siblings taunted her about the shoes, probably out of jealousy, and warned her she should put them somewhere safe so nothing would eat them.  She put them in the oven.  The next morning my daddy built a fire in the woodstove.  You can guess what happened.  Those shoes were toast!  She was hysterical and my heart aches for her to this day. My sister NEEDED those shoes!  My feelings for shoes and what happened to my sister has a lot to do with how I think and feel about things today. With each pair of shoes I buy, I feel guilt.  You see, there is a difference in what you want and what you need.

Growing up poor gives you insight into what people need. I feel great empathy for those that are poor, especially children and old people.  I feel empathy for those that need a hand-up or find themselves in temporary situations beyond their control.  These people need things; it’s not just things they want. George and I have spent our life together helping people.  Whether it be relatives, friends, or people we hardly know, we’ve always tried to help them over the hump, sometimes even to our detriment.  We have campaigned for, and voted for, only candidates that supported those social programs for people who fall into these categories.  We see that at as our civic responsibility.

That’s why I took the budget news on Friday so hard.  Still reeling from Trumpcare targeting the poor and elderly, I was visibly shaken when I heard of the deep budget cuts to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

The USDA’s budget will be cut by $4.2 Billion dollars. While many programs will suffer deep cuts, funding is being eliminated for many social programs, two of which are Meals on Wheels for the elderly and food for after-school programs located in low-income areas.  The White House spokesperson said, “We can’t fund programs just because they sound good and don’t work.”  I see no logic in that statement and find it cruel and heartless.  Any program that feeds the needy elderly WORKS!  Any program that feeds a hungry child WORKS!  Also, by cutting out the after-school programs, families will fall further into poverty as parents have to quit their jobs to tend to the children after school.  Or, these children will be left to their own devices either at home or roaming the streets.

Further, Trump’s budget calls for $6.2 billion dollars to be cut from the Special Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).  This program has steadily decreased our infant and child mortality rates.  What is it that is not working with this program? These are our most vulnerable human beings.  Think people!  There’s a reason people supported these programs in the first place and demanded they be created.  Just because you may be able to cite one example of someone you felt unworthy, does not mean the program is not working. 

Our Government is losing sight of the programs needed and the programs wanted.  We NEED to help the elderly. Trump WANTS a wall ($15 billion).  He does not need a wall.   We NEED to help our children living in poverty.  Trump WANTS 90 new fighter jets ($8.5 billion).  He does not NEED 90 new fighter jets.  Trump WANTS to go to Mar-a-Lago ($3 million each trip).  He does not NEED to go to Mar-a-Lago.  I WANT new shoes.  I don’t NEED new shoes. 

Our community is once again in mourning over the loss of a local leader.   Dr. J. Ray Grant touched so many people and played a leading role in what our community is today.  He left us a legacy and we should honor him.  I think the “J. Ray Grant Fine Arts Center” has a beautiful ring to it.



  1. And it would be something different but The First Whatever lives in New York, they jet off to Florida every dang weekend, and his kids see the world. Who's paying for it? WE are! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

    1. ....and, what about the "business trips" to Dubai, and their flights anywhere on
      T-rumps plane? How about the in-laws, and safaris to kill endangered species?
      These people are disgusting. Grifters, all of them.

    2. Agree with both of you. They are rich enough to pay their own tab. They hit the jackpot on Nov. 8th!

    3. you never seemed to mind when we paid for "date nights' or free trips on AF1 around the statue of liberty. Or howbout the first kids many trips around the world as well as Micheles excursions with her bffs to different countries or places. How bout the multi million dollar visits to Hawaii...selective memory ......

    4. @Anonymous - President Obama and his family's personal trips cost $85 million over an eight-year period. Every time trump goes to Florida or Virginia (every weekend) it costs $3 million, plus local security. We pay for his sons' security while they travel the world on business. We recently paid for a week in Aspen for Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka, their entire families, along with 100 secret service agents, including ski rental equipment. Not to mention $400,000 a day for Melania and Barron to reside in NYC. Trump and his family will blow through $85 million within a few months.

  2. My family was poor as church mice. We lived day to day with my dad working very hard and my mom working nights. We got up and put our clothes on proudly and marched out to school. Reassured that if we worked hard and studied we would have a better life. Many times we had nothing but a head of cabbage to feed 6 people. Shoes were a luxury item to be maintained in the best order possible. Never once did my parents ask for or take a hand out from anyone. I worked with my father when I got old enough and my pay went to maintain the family. Eventually my father (who only had a 2nd grade education) became a little more prosperous and we were able to move to a better house. My sisters actually go there bedroom to share...I went into the service and came back and finished college. I have enjoyed the fruits of my labor and never once asked for anything from anyone. I fully believe that there are charities that are worthwhile and donated sum of monies to them ...However I do not see that it's the job of government to perpetually take care of well bodied healthy people. Poor is a state of being. It's not something that can't be cured with effort. If someone is truly dependent on govt. because of any inability then we need to look after them...It's a proven fact that the majority of welfare goes to ghetto queens and baby factories. Why aren't the fathers present ? Because they know the govt. will take care of their offsprings

  3. wow 5 comments, your readership has more than quadrupled !