Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hillary Was "Swift-Boated" by FBI Director

This is important to keep in mind as we tick off the next few days until the election. FBI Director James Comey is a Republican appointed by President Obama.  He worked in the Bush Administration, he contributed to John McCain’s campaign, he contributed to Mitt Romney’s campaign, and he publicly professes to be a Republican.  Now he announces just eleven days before the election that he “may” or “may not” have some new evidence against Hillary Clinton which “may” or “may not” be pertinent to Hillary’s email investigation.  He gave clues leading one to think this email was discovered while investigating Anthony Weiner’s sexting of a 15-year old girl, but has nothing to do with Hillary or her private server.  He further stated that it “may be a while” before he can determine if it’s “something” or “nothing.” Huh?

Just imagine if the shoe was on the other foot; that the FBI Director was a Democrat in a Republican administration. Imagine if you can, under the same circumstances, a Democrat dropped a “dirty bombshell” like this one, just days away from the most historic election in our lifetime. No doubt he would be on his way to Gitmo by now and experiencing a hard landing by Pence’s pilot. 

Democrats are used to our candidates being treated this way in the eleventh hour of their campaigns.  Comey’s remarks or lack of remarks, takes “swift-boating” to an all-new level.  Trump, a proven sexual predator according to his own words, is calling Hillary the most corrupt politician in history. Democrats or the “corrupt” Media, are not talking about Trump’s trial next month for fraud with Trump University, or his trial in December for child rape. Instead, they have more emails, which were not written by Hillary, to read. Meanwhile, Hillary has NEVER, I repeat NEVER, been proven to be corrupt! 

I personally think someone got to Comey!  Someone, like a bigly game show producer.  Perhaps he is doing a reality audition for the host of a new version of “I’ve Got A Secret!”  Either that, or auditioning for the starring role in remake of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” 

Or maybe, just maybe, he is a victim of the thirty-five year old conspiracy by Republicans to destroy Hillary Clinton, no matter what it takes. Maybe he caved to the threats of the Republican controlled Judiciary Committees.  Or maybe, just maybe, he’s creating his place in history.  He could replace J. Edgar Hoover as the most infamous FBI Director in our history.  After all, even J. Edgar never (openly) exercised such influence over the outcome of our Presidential election.  We will be debating this issue until the Zombies come.

This is my last Unfair and Unbalanced column before “E” Day.  For the past sixteen months, I have made my case against Trump and for Hillary.  Here is an excerpt from my column of April 15, 2015:
Nothing Hillary ever does can be low-key.  That’s why I feel sorry for her.  She’s obviously an incurable glutton for punishment. She is the most vilified, investigated public figure/politician in history.  Everything about her is scrutinized.  From the way she wears her hair, to what pantsuit she wears, her cankles and other bodily features, and most of all, down to a complete dissection of every word she utters. Is there any wonder she appears guarded, stoic, and distrustful of the media?  Sadly, she “ain’t seen notin’ yet!” 

In this same column, I asked the question, “Do we want a country of extremes, or one that is more tolerant?”  At that time, I couldn’t fathom just how ungodly extreme a Trump presidency could be. 

Further, at the end of this same column sixteen months ago, as I was urging voters to have the courage to vote for her, I wrote, “If Hillary is tough enough to withstand what she’s going to face, then so are you!”  She has, and she will! 

As a reminder when you vote, don’t sell our children to Governor Deal!  Vote NO on Amendment 1.  And, don’t sell our Justice system to the Georgia Legislators.  Vote NO on Amendment 3.  In fact, since we weren’t shown the respect of public hearings on these Amendments, just Vote NO on all of them.  Also, come to think of it, Republicans have no opposition in Monroe County.  So, as Trump says, “What do you have to lose?”  Send a message that you’re not happy with the direction Republicans are taking our State and our country.  Just Vote the Straight Democratic Ticket!

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