Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trump and Putin love them some Communist women

We find ourselves in a moral conundrum after the horrific attacks in Paris last week. At least some of us do.  There are those that feel, “Hey, my family is safe, who cares about all those orphans and widows from Syria?”  Turning our backs on refugees and immigrants is not what this country is about.  If so, we should tear down the Statute of Liberty.

The fear mongering that is going on with politicians is shameful.  Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson compares Syrian refugees to rabid dogs.  I admit, Candidate Ted Cruz’s argument that our country should block refugees from coming in may have some validity.  According to Ted himself, his father fought along side Fidel Castro for four years in the 1950’s before fleeing to our country.  Because of our refugee policy, Ted Cruz now has all the advantages this country has to offer. Ted Cruz is also deemed a U.S. citizen by virtue of our birthright citizenship law.  Just think.  If our country had used the vetting process back then that we use today, we would not be subjected to Cruz’s anger and vitriol. 

And Donald Trump.  Mr. Anti-Immigrant!  Mr. Anti-refugee!  Concerning Syrian refugees, he will build a wall.  Neither Christians, nor Muslims from Syria may come in.  He wants a Muslim registry and ID cards issued.  That sounds eerily familiar.  Oh yeah, Nazi Germany.  And my favorite, he says he will “bomb the s***t out of them.”  Gee, I thought those 28,000 bombs that we’ve dropped on them already were real.  And more troubling, Trump says we have to close all Mosques. 

Like Cruz, Donald Trump is a hypocrite of the highest order when it comes to immigrants and refugees.  Trump is married to his third wife, Melania Kanavas, from Slovenia, a former Communist bloc country.  Trump married the nude model in 2005.  Mrs. Trump became a naturalized citizen one year later in 2006.  Hmmmm.  

Lest we forget, Trump was also married to another Communist bloc country native, Ivana Zelnickova Trump.  In order to obtain a foreign passport, she conveniently married a childhood friend to immigrate to Canada.  She did not become a U. S. Citizen until after she married the Donald.  Trump and Vladimir Putin have lots in common.  They both love former Communists.

Most ironically is the fact that both Trump and Cruz want to abolish the 14th Amendment that grants birthright citizenship.

Obviously, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and more citizens of this country than I can fathom, do not have a moral conundrum.  Enough of all that doom and gloom stuff! 

I have always loved Thanksgiving even before there were Black Friday sales.  Throughout the years, I have great Thanksgiving memories, and what good are memories if you don’t share them?

Last year, I shared with you the Thanksgiving memory of when I cut the chicken’s pecker off.  (In case you missed it, not that kind of pecker!).  This year I want to share my memory of the funniest Thanksgiving.  This is at the expense of George, but I know he’ll forgive me because he didn’t leave then. 

This memory is about the first Thanksgiving George and I spent together and our first family gathering.  I was a senior in high school and George was a freshman in college.  We had been dating for nearly a year and my sister was hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  We were both nervous.  After everyone was seated, my sister sat the platter with the huge turkey in front of George and as she handed him the carving utensils said, “You can carve the turkey this year!” I wanted the floor to swallow both of us up.  I somehow knew he had never had a big fork and knife in his hand, not to mention sliced a turkey.  

He didn’t panic and ended up passing the test with flying colors.  Instead of fleeing, he went with it.  As he sat there with the carving tools poised over the turkey, he said, “Where do I start?”  My sister said, “You start with the breast.”  George held one side of the turkey with the knife and lifted the other side up and peaked under.  Then he peaked under the other side.  The look in his eyes literally said, “I don’t see a breast!”  By then the entire family burst out in uncontrollable laughter.  And made a memory.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you make a memory!


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