Friday, September 11, 2015

Trump's Goon, Nathan's Latest Deal, and Cat Burglar vs. Coyote

The Trump phenomenon continues.  As he rises in the polls, I become more and more incredulous.   I don’t understand how so many people would admit to even a faceless pollster that they would vote for Trump.  He has said things that would be the certain political death of any of the other candidates, but his poll numbers only go up. 

I don’t see any scenario where he will simply quit.  He’s got all the money in the world, now he wants all the power.  I don’t know what more he can say, or whom else he can offend that would cause him to plummet in the polls.  As you may have noticed by now, I have an active imagination and I’ve been trying to conjure up what will cause the end of Trump’s run for President.  I finally figured it out!  One of Trump’s goons is going to get over-zealous, drunk on the power, and do bodily harm to an innocent by-stander or protester.  Then the good people of this country will realize they don’t want a bully for President after all.

You may say that I’m crazy to even imagine such a thing.  But think about it.  You’ve actually seen one of his goons in action.  The tall, 50ish, shades wearing, white man with a buzz cut, that is always at Trump’s side.  He’s the one that hauled Jorge Ramos, the respected Latino news anchor on Univision, away at a press conference when he attempted to ask a question. That’s when he caught my eye and I started watching him.  This week, a Mexican immigrant was protesting in front of Trump Towers and this same goon ripped the sign out of the immigrant’s hands and decked him with his fist on the side of his head.  That looked like assault to me but I don’t suppose a Mexican immigrant is in a position to complain.   

Many people probably assume Trump’s shadow is a secret service agent because he’s got a pin on his lapel and squiggly wire hanging from his ear.  No, he’s not!  He’s a private security bodyguard and has no arrest powers.  He’s a loose cannon and it’s just a matter of time before he hurts someone.  Keep an eye on him!  And before you accuse me, I’m not talking about his “looks.”  I’m talking about his “persona.” 

When you are a Governor who has successfully bamboozled citizens repeatedly and now you are safely entrenched in your last term, you can get by with most anything.  I ran across a story on Fox 5 Atlanta last week about WE, the taxpayers of Georgia, paying for the paving of a half-mile road to Governor Deal’s private home in Habersham County in North Georgia.  Fox 5’s investigation revealed that the Georgia State Department of Transportation paid Habersham County $92,544 to pave Governor Deal’s road.  The reason they gave was brilliant. 

Governor Deal’s crony, Commissioner Mark McDonough, head of the Georgia Department of Safety, said he made the request for the paving of the road.  He said it was part of inclement weather preparedness for the Governor’s “equipment.”  Huh?  Fox 5 interviewed neighbors and they all said there was nothing wrong with the existing road to the Governor’s property.  I don’t suppose Governor Deal ever thought about telling Colonel McDonough that it wouldn’t be right for taxpayers to pay for his road to be paved to the tune of nearly $93,000.  Just curious, I checked the tax record for this property in Habersham County.  Records showed two lots, totaling nearly 35 acres with a market value of $856,000.  I wonder how much this paved road will increase his property taxes next year?  And, lest you say I’ve never said anything good about Fox News, they are the only news agency to find this revelation newsworthy.

I was aghast to read in last week’s Reporter that High Falls has a “cat burglar” operating in the area.  A woman who resides on Weldon Road reported to police that she had over 100 cats stolen from her property over-night, leaving her with only 40 cats now.  I have to admit that I have spent an inordinate amount of time visualizing robbers dressed in black masks tiptoeing around herding up over 100 feral cats.  How would you do that?  It’s more likely they were eaten by a pack of coyotes that are becoming prevalent and a growing nuisance in this area.  I’d rather confront a cat burglar than a coyote any time.


  1. Bill Nigut covered Deals paving deal last Friday on Political Rewind. Fairly brief coverage and fun to hear the conservative guests spin on it.

  2. Jack, it will be FY 2016 before the FY 2015 salaries are posted. McDonough's salary for FY14 was $140,000.