Friday, September 4, 2015

Kentucky Clerk Is in Contempt

If there’s one good thing about Hillary Clinton’s email controversy, it’s that we aren’t constantly hearing “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.”  This email issue is not going to go away and Hillary should save her breath.  I watched the entire interview with Hillary by NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.  Hillary did an excellent job of taking a complicated process and breaking it down to a level even an uninformed FOX News viewer could understand.  It doesn’t matter if she did not commit a sin of commission or omission by having an email server in her home.  All that matters is there may be some incident, some word, some phrase, that may be twisted, turned, and interpreted into something sinister.  Be prepared to hear about Hillary’s emails ad nauseam.

Last week was unusual for President Obama.  He had a good week!  He made an historic trip to Alaska, among other reasons, to show the effects of climate change.  Before leaving, he addressed the criticism of environmentalists for his agreement to allow Shell Oil to drill oil in the Arctic.  Did you hear all the accolades Obama received from oil companies and proponents of pipelines?  No?  Me, either.

He was the first American President to cross the Arctic Circle.  He showed the shrinking glaciers up close and warned of the dire consequences if we do not take immediate action to stop carbon emissions.  We were shown remote villages slowly sinking into the sea.  The people of these villages depend on sustenance hunting and fishing.  Hunting season is getting much shorter and more dangerous due to melting ice.  The ice habitat for seals is disappearing. 

Personally, many times when someone would mention climate change, my eyes would glaze over.  I knew it was happening but I didn’t see it as an eminent threat and did not grasp the seriousness of the problem.  This trip by President Obama got my attention.  Global warming is real and if a candidate for President says otherwise, or they say they do not believe in the science, that candidate should be crossed off your list.  We can no longer afford to dilly-dally on creating renewable energy.

One thing for sure, it wasn’t a partisan visit.  He arrived with a gift for the people of Alaska by changing the name of Mt. McKinley back to its original name, Mt. Denali.  Nice, but Alaska has a mere three (3) electoral votes.  Ohio, the home of President McKinley for whom the mountain was named, has a whopping 18 electoral votes. When we voted for “change” we didn’t mean the name of a mountain. “What were you thinking, Barack?” 

I’m sure the best thing about the Alaskan trip for the President is the “fish tale” he brought home.  A salmon spawned on his shoe.  The President quipped, “He was happy to see me!”

To cap off his successful week, the President returned home to an apparent Iran deal victory.  He has enough votes to sustain a veto of disapproval by the Senate on the Iran Deal. 

So I cannot be accused of never calling out a Democrat for wrongdoing, I am compelled to talk about the County Clerk in Rowan County, KY, Kim Davis. Clerk Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Her mother was the Clerk for over thirty years as a Democrat.   Then her daughter, Kim, inherited the position, ran, and was elected as a Democrat.  She is giving Democrats a bad reputation.  Someone needs to explain to this woman that she is a government employee serving all the people in her County.  If her religious convictions stand in the way of doing her job, she needs to quit. I will point out that Kim Davis has been married four times.  She became pregnant with twins by her third husband, while she was still married to her first husband.  I’m not sure how the second husband fits in, other than he adopted the twins.  She is quite a “rounder” by anyone’s standards, but a moral arbiter, she is not!

A federal judge put Kim Davis in jail for contempt.  There’s no word on how long she will be there but I’m sure it’s ample time to sign exclusive interview and book deals.

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