Friday, July 10, 2015

The Donald "Trumps" Them All

Geez!  Last week when I read this newspaper, I ran down to the post office to check to see if my picture was on the wall.  After all, surely I must be breaking numerous laws when I express opinions and beliefs that I hold sacred, just as the Republican base does.  Surely I must be among the Most Wanted since I’m accused of having an impact on this country going to hell in a hand basket.  Wow!  I sure didn’t realize I was that powerful.  After all, I’m just a poor white girl raised in the pine and palmetto forests of southeast Georgia.  So, take a chill pill, people.  This is an “Opinion” column! 

And while I’m clearing the air, the Editor of this newspaper writes the headline of my columns.  He is an excellent headline writer as evidenced by his awards from the Georgia Press Association.  However, sometimes the intent of my column can be changed by the headline that accompanies it.  Last week, I said I was for the decriminalization of recreational pot smoking because we needed to stop ruining the lives of so many by giving them a criminal record for smoking pot.  The headline screamed, “Time to Legalize Marijuana.”  Since that is not what I said, since I never said I wanted to legalize marijuana, you need to know that those were Will Davis’ words, not mine.  

Now on to important stuff.  I am very happy South Carolina took down the Confederate Flag on the property that belongs to all residents of South Carolina, the State Capitol.  It’s a travesty, though, that nine people had to be shot down before the lawmakers in that state would even consider not flying that flag. For those of you who disagree that the flag should not have been taken down, don’t despair.  It’s not the last time you’ll see that flag.  As long as rednecks exist who have romanticized the meaning of that flag, it will continue to fly in yards and on the back of pick-up trucks in the South.  That’s part of the freedom of being an American. 

I am totally enjoying the poker game taking place between the Republican presidential candidates. It goes like this.  “I bet on deporting illegal immigrants.”  “I call, and raise you rapist Mexicans.”  “I am against raising minimum wage.”  “I call and raise you “American workers need to work longer hours.”  “I bet “climate change is irrelevant.” I call and raise you  “climate change is bogus, and “global warming is a hoax.” 

The candidate that has the most experience playing poker has a name that epitomizes what he is doing to all the other candidates…..TRUMP!  No matter what hand they play, The Donald trumps them.  I can’t wait to see who wins this poker tournament.  One thing for sure, Donald Trump won’t run out of money because in his own words, “I am very, very, very rich.”  Also, he doesn’t have campaign expenditures.  He sits in the lobby of Trump Towers and the media flock to him.  Even The Donald is not rich enough to pay for the publicity that he’s getting. 

While I find Trump’s bellicose rants entertaining, I am growing more ill at ease every time I see his continuous rise in the polls.  There appears to be more people out there that like his hair-do more than me.  I always thought people preferred someone to be humble instead of boastful.  I’m sure Donald Trump is proud to be the biggest, exaggerating braggart in the history of the universe.

I’m headed to the Golden Isles on vacation.  While I’m gone, please let me know if you see my picture on the post office wall.

Marilyn Langford

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  1. you go girl!! nice to hear a balanced view on things - the rag of a paper that purports
    to be journalism, is so soaked with " tea" that you could drink it! very happy you are raising your voice in both local and bigtime politics. we need it. i would not read that paper if you gave it to me. NEWS HAS NO OPINION!! vty - a fellow member of the towaliga tribe, joanne