Saturday, April 11, 2015

I Feel Sorry for Hillary

Now we know the answer to the most important and burning question haunting this country for several years!  No, silly, it’s not whether there is actual global warming.  It’s whether Hillary will run for President! 

The fact she officially announced was not surprising.  Her method in doing so was unprecedented.  Past presidential candidates came out roaring like lions and announcements were big stage dramas designed to capture the most media attention.  Hillary’s announcement was via social media designed to deliberately low-key her announcement, or at least appear that way.  Nothing Hillary ever does can be low-key.  That’s why I feel sorry for her.  She’s obviously an incurable glutton for punishment.

She is the most vilified, investigated public figure/politician in history.  Everything about her is scrutinized.  From the way she wears her hair, to what pantsuit she wears, her cankles and other bodily features, and most of all, down to a complete dissection of every word she utters. Is there any wonder she appears guarded, stoic, and distrustful of the media?  Sadly, she “ain’t seen notin yet!” 

This is just the beginning and I’m already suffering fatigue from all the hashing and re-hashing of “Hillary-Gates.”  America would be a nation of drunks if we took a drink every time we heard the words “Benghazi” in the same sentence as Hillary Clinton, especially if you watch Fox News. 

I don’t pretend to know how the 2016 presidential election will turn out.  Since Barack Obama was elected, I don’t trust my skill as a political prognosticator.  Even though I was a big supporter, I was certain America would not elect a black man President.  Turns out, I knew Georgia better than I knew the rest of the country.  Now I have nagging doubts that America will elect a woman President.  I have never bought into the theory that a woman will vote for a woman just for women’s sake, but Hillary isn’t just any woman.  She is the only candidate that offers hope for our country.

Think about it.  It’s inevitable that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee unless she is caught making out with the Pope.  We have no way of knowing who the Republican nominee will be, but we know it will be someone bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and someone ideologically acceptable to the right-wing Tea Party. 

Hillary is the only hope for the poor. All assistance for the less fortunate will be abolished.  She is the only hope for the middle-class.  The national tax debt will destroy the middle-class due to more tax cuts to the rich and business.  Health insurance will become extinct for all but the rich.  She is the only hope for the health of our planet.  Don’t think for one moment that the Koch Brothers will allow lessening of our dependency on petroleum products.  Already three red states have a policy against state employees discussing climate change, global warming, or sustainability.  She is the only hope for the education of our children in this country.  Unlike her Republican right-wing opponents, she will not destroy public education, as we know it, for the voucher system or religiously, segregated charter schools.  As for the elderly, don’t be so sure Medicare won’t be privatized.

I could list a hundred more reasons we need to elect Hillary Clinton as President in 2016, but the number one crucial reason is this:  It is projected that the next President will have the opportunity to appoint as many as four Supreme Court Justices.  Do you want all the progress we have made in the last century over-turned?  Do you want laws made and upheld that promote hate and bigotry?  Do you want laws that only protect the wealthiest of the wealthy and the biggest of the big businesses?  Do you want a country of extremes instead of one that is more tolerant? 

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, then don’t be afraid to voice your support for Hillary.  If Hillary is tough enough to withstand what she’s going to face then so are you! 

Marilyn Langford


  1. I came across this blog via FB. You are a brave person to be writing this in our state. Sometimes I feel like the only liberal in my hometown of Pooler, so it's nice to know there's at least one more voice of reason in Georgia.

  2. Thank you! I'm not brave, I am retired. I no longer have to worry about the consequences of speaking my mind. When I started writing my OP ED column in our local Republican right newspaper nearly a year ago, my family and friends feared for my safety. Turns out, the response has been very positive. There are more reasonable people out there than we think. As for Pooler, we've spent a lot of time there over the years. We have very close friends that live there. I understand there are some exciting things going on in Pooler now, like the new Tanger outlet. Pooler is losing it's "sleepy town" appearance.

  3. That will be one reason for both male and female voters, although few would ever admit it. I think so many people are assuming that Hillary has the woman vote locked up just because she's a woman. That is probably one of the last reasons they would vote for her....women can be mean that way!