Monday, February 26, 2018

A MESSAGE FROM GOD--I Hear You, But....

A Message from God:

Children, I have been deluged with your prayers for help with the mass murders in your country.  I hear you!  I want to save you, but you are unwilling.  I gave you a brain to reason, but you are unwilling to take action.  My number one rule is, “Thou shall not kill.”  That includes being complicit with those that are accomplices in killing.  You plead in your prayers to me, “Do something!”  I say to you, I have given you free will, so YOU must be the one to do something.

THROUGH OUT modern times, as guns have become more popular, I have sent you many signs.  There have been murders at shopping malls, spas, supermarkets, factories, churches, movie theaters, military bases, elementary schools, universities, and high schools.  I heard your prayers but I saw no action taken to prevent this from happening again.

IN 1981, I sent you the attempted assassination of President Reagan.  I sent you James Brady, Reagan’s press secretary. He was shot, suffered brain damage, and was permanently disabled.  Thereafter, James Brady was a man with a purpose.  He worked tirelessly for gun control and for a ban on assault weapons.  He advocated for a law, called the Brady Bill, that banned the sale of assault weapons and mandated national background checks.  The Bill also contained a 5-day waiting period to take possession of the purchased gun.  However, this was dropped to pacify the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA).  The Law had a ten-year expiration and was not renewed due to the pressure on legislators by the NRA.  Mass shootings were greatly reduced.  Assault rifles have flourished since, and so have mass murders.  Incidentally, the reason given was that statistics showed few crimes were committed with assault rifles.  Well, duh!  They were banned for the past ten years!  Sometimes I think when I was handing out “brains,” some people thought I said, “rain” and ran away.” 

I GAVE YOU the Columbine High School shooting in 1999.  I thought this would wake everyone up to the gun problem.  Instead, there was lots of debate and everyone played the “blame game.”  Nothing was done except to ask me to do something.  I heard you, but please!  No more prayers asking me to protect your second amendment rights. 

IN 2007, I gave you the Virginia Tech shooting.  32 dead!  The only result was less gun control.  Many states voted to allow open carry of weapons on campuses.

SO, I GAVE you Representative Gabby Giffords, in 2011.  She was wounded and six were killed.  She has dedicated the rest of her life to anti-gun violence causes, especially against high capacity magazines.   While her efforts and those that support her have been noble, she has been out-spent by the NRA, 7-1.  Well done, Gabby, my child.

THEN THERE was Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.  20 elementary students and 6 teachers were killed.  Yet, you were not phased.  Talk, talk, is all you did. These were kindergartners!  OMS (Oh my self!)

 MEANWHILE, the NRA flourished and bought more and more elected officials. I lost count of all the prayers I got.  In 2015, in Charleston, SC, I gave you the shooting at the historic Black church.  9 were killed.  The President cried.  Again, nothing was done. 

IN 2016, 49 were killed and 53 injured at the LBGQT Pulse Night Club in Orlando.  YOU did nothing—less than nothing. I wasn’t even over-whelmed with prayers.   Las Vegas outdoor concert, 58 killed and 500 injured.  Legislation was introduced to ban bump stocks that turn semiautomatic rifles into automatic.  When talk died down, so did the legislation. 

NOW WE have Mary Stoneman Douglas High School.  17 killed!  These students are the hope of your nation.  They don’t care what political party you are in—they just want meaningful, sensible gun control.  They have a purpose! They can’t be bought. They understand the root cause of the problem and will demand action.  Your President and the NRA want to arm school teachers as a “fix” for these killings.  Take it from the ONE who knows, that is a lame-brain idea!

Love one another,


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