Monday, October 9, 2017

Tillerson Tells the Truth and is Now a Dead Man Walking

After the largest massacre in U. S. history last week, I bet you thought I’d write about guns (again).  Nope, that’s a “dead” issue.  To write about guns when no one is listening is a waste of good ink.  Just don’t act surprised and aggrieved when someone decides to best Paddock’s record of 58 dead and over 500 wounded. I’m not writing about Puerto Rico, either.  Even though the death toll is rising there, it’s going to be Okay because Trump dedicated the golf trophy to the people of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. 

WATCHING TRUMP’S White House is like watching episodes of The Survivor.  Who will survive this week?  Unusual, but Trump didn’t fire anyone this week, however, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a “dead man walking.”   As soon as Trump calls someone a “fine man,” their days are numbered.  Tillerson needs to be fired!  He should never have been appointed in the first place, but using that reasoning, his entire Cabinet needs to go.  However, Tillerson’s head is on the chopping block, not because he is destroying the State Department, but because he called Trump a moron.  That’s the only thing Tillerson has ever said that I agree with.

TILLERSON SPENT his entire working career as an Executive with Exxon Mobil.  He only knew how to negotiate a deal for gas and oil.  He knew nothing of how to negotiate a deal for world peace and the nuances of foreign policy.  Since being appointed Secretary of State in February, he has gutted the State Department.  He has filled few of the many positions vacated within the State Department.  Career employees and Foreign Service Officers who have reached the minimum age and tenure to retire, are leaving the sinking ship.  Perhaps, now that it appears Tillerson is a short-timer, this will slow down the exodus of those dedicated employees.

THERE’S NO greater evidence that Tillerson is clueless about the important role the State Department plays in our position in the world than the fact he submitted a budget cutting one-third from his budget.  And further evidence that Congress knows he’s clueless was revealed when they added 11 billion back to the budget.  When has that ever happened before?

I HAVE a sneaky suspicion that those of you who think it’s GREAT for the Department of State to be half-staffed and have a bare bone’s budget, are the same people who screamed “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi” when Hillary was Secretary of State. 

THIS WEEK, Trump has tweeted and spoken very cryptic messages which could mean he is firing someone, everyone, or no one.  “The calm before the storm.”  “You’ll find out!”  The teasing messages could also mean that Trump will make his place in history as a U. S. President who killed millions and millions of people (N. Korea) in a nuclear blast.  I think the most likely explanation is another one of Trump’s red herrings.  He had a bad week after the Puerto Rico debacle.   Then the Las Vegas killer started getting all his attention.  Then the subject turned to the now infamous Dossier and information that Mueller was talking with the author of the report.  In true Trump fashion, “Hey folks, look over here!  I’m gonna do something and it’s going to be huge.” And, just as Trump assumed, the media took the bait and the American people were now distracted.  You see, Trump knows you can’t think about two things at the same time.

I AM writing this from a McDonald’s parking lot in Western North Carolina, borrowing their Wi-Fi.  I plan to relax and enjoy the majestic views.  The leaves are barely turning so you still have time to get up here and enjoy the beauty.

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