Monday, August 14, 2017

Trump Has Unleashed the Evil of the Alt-Right

Donald Trump is normalizing hate and violence in our country. It started long ago at Trump's rallies with his talk and encouragement of violence against protesters. “I'd like to punch them in the face.” “Part of the problem is that no one wants to hurt anyone any more.” “Should be roughed up.” “Knock the hell out of them.” People thought it was funny and entertaining, having never heard such rhetoric from a candidate for public office. By staying silent then, and giving Trump the ultimate reward of the presidency, a monster was created. And an evil one, at that!

On Saturday in Charlottesville, VA, the evil was unleashed. White men took to the streets, dressed in black, adorned with swastikas on armbands, wearing brass knuckles, and shouting a Nazi chant, “Blood and Soil!” They were carrying long guns, short guns, baseball bats, sticks, and they were there to not only intimidate, but kill if necessary. And they did. The response from Donald Trump was barely a reprimand. Each word was calculated to thread a needle of satisfying those that found these acts to be evil, and at the same time, not anger his most fervent supporters. David Duke, the head of the KKK obviously didn't take Trump seriously. He said they were “fulfilling Trump's agenda.”

DID WE really expect Trump to condemn the actions of the White Nationalists? Nope! Just look who his Chief Strategist is—Steve Bannon. (When I look at him, I wonder when he had his last drink). When Trump placed the founder of the Alt-Right (Breitbart News), Steve Bannon, on his campaign staff and later on our government's payroll, it was met with silence. Bannon's bogiemen are Black people. Trump's Deputy Assistant and former editor of Breitbart News, is Sabastian Gorka, whose hope of being on the National Security Council was dashed when he could not get a security clearance. (When I hear Gorka's voice, I get the creepy crawlies). He still works there without a clearance and passes himself off as a national security expert, although true experts have no clue who he is. Gorka's bogiemen are Muslims. Stephen Miller, Trump's Senior Adviser for Policy is the third of the Three Stooges. (It scares me just to look at him). Reports going back to his high school days, show his bogiemen are Latinos and immigrants. These three men write Trump's speeches. They whisper in his ear. Yet, we remain silent.   It is past time to rid the White House of these vermin and have an exorcism performed on the White House and Trump.

BUT THERE'S another reason, I think, that keeps Trump from demanding the actions of these groups stop NOW! Last week on Facebook, I noticed an uptick in Trump trolls, the likes of which I have not seen since the election. I also saw no less than three separate posts from alt-right groups threatening various levels of mayhem if Trump is impeached. They are Trump's army gearing up and he knows he will need them.

FOR US sitting here in middle-Georgia it's hard to imagine the fear and chaos in the streets in far away cities. We feel safe here from the hate and evildoers. I hate to burst your bubble, but THEY are here. They go by the name of the Georgia Security Force or the 111% (3 per centers). They were formed by a racist in McDonough (Henry County) shortly after Obama was elected President. They had only a couple dozen members until Donald Trump was elected President. Now their membership is more than 400. They train in the woods of Henry County, Butts County, and sometimes firearms training in High Falls. Just last year, at the height of the Muslim ban frenzy, they announced on Facebook they would be having a rally at the Monroe County Courthouse square. Something or someone must have dissuaded them. But they are still here and following the guidance of their Fuhrer, Donald Trump.

MUCH TO my dismay, the “Trump Effect” of incivility has now spread to the Democratic Party of Georgia. In case you haven't been paying attention to the candidates running for Governor on the Democratic side, there are two Stacey's running. Stacey Evans is white and Stacey Abrams is black. That presents a conundrum for liberals and progressives because we try not to differentiate between race, but their names are far too similar. Democrats talking about the two Stacey's sounds like a version of “Who's on first.” I have decided to call them, Stacey from Ringgold and Stacey from Atlanta.
This past weekend, the meeting of the Netroot's National conference was held in Savannah. It was an opportunity for activists to meet Democratic candidates for various offices.

STACEY FROM Atlanta spoke on Friday and had a grand reception from the group. Stacey from Ringgold spoke on Saturday and I've never seen a fellow Democrat treated so poorly by a crowd. Before she could even start speaking, a large group of attendees gathered in front of the stage, waving placards, and shouting her down in protest. They were shouting, “Trust black women!” They could not have been protesting Stacey from Ringgold on fitness to be Governor or her policies. They never gave her a chance to speak. That's not how we act, that's not who we are. And, what were all those anti-Stacey from Ringgold pamphlets littering the floor? Stacey from Atlanta, Stacey Abrams, the odds on favorite to win the nomination, released a statement that did not condemn the behavior of this group but said, “The mantra of “trust black women” is an historic endorsement of the value of bringing marginalized voices to the forefront, not a rebuke of my opponent's race.” Do tell!


  1. The two Staceys- the way "we" act is the issue. "We" has been white people controlling the conventions, meetings, and podium. Just as all of us see an explosion of violence and hate that has simmered for centuries, the nonviolent actions of people at a conference pales in comparison. The protestors at the conference may not be the problem, "we" are.

  2. "We are the change we seek". I believe that came from Obama, but am too tired to research it. G'night.