Monday, July 31, 2017

Trump and His Idiocracy

My column last week was Trump free. Unfortunately, not this week. And if you think, as Trump does, that he is the most presidential President since Abe Lincoln, you ain't gonna like it.

LAST WEEK was the worst week of Trump we've experienced. If they get any worse, somebody needs to call for a straight jacket and take him away. This country is being turned on it's head by this unstable psychopath. The West Wing is in complete chaos. I'd rather milk rattle snakes than work in that snake pit. There's not a soul there I would trust to make a decision that affects our lives, freedom or our sovereignty. We need to pray we don't have a catastrophic event before something can be done about the total incompetency in the White House.

A TRUE leader knows how to pick the best people. Trump has bragged repeatedly, “I know the best people.” So far, with the exception of Steve Bannon, who poses the biggest threat to our government, he has fired or forced out his first picks of his “best people.” He didn't want to fire Mike Flynn, but he had no choice. To Trump, getting rid of staff members is a blood sport. Rather than just putting them out of their misery by telling them he needs to make a change, he tortures them for weeks with Tweets, leaks, and pitting staff members against each other.

FOR EXAMPLE, Trump tortured his Communications Director, Sean Spicer, for months. Spicer was a dead man walking but he was loyal. Then Trump hired Anthony Scaramucci for Spicer's position. Like a good soldier, Spicer walked away. The day after Scaramucci was offered the job, he called the New Yorker Magazine and said certain things that made it clear to me Trump conspired with Scaramucci to humiliate the Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus. Priebus was always loyal to Trump even during the campaign when he was Chair of the RNC, when it appeared it was not in his best interests. Instead of Trump calling him in and saying, “Sorry buddy, it's not working out,” Reince was treated to a public hanging.
IN LAST week's Reporter, a letter to the editor was printed from Mr. Dale Likens of Forsyth. He spoke about a movie filmed in Forsyth he attended with his grandchildren. He was shocked at the number of times the “F” word was used and suggested not to take your children to see it. Thanks to Anthony Scaramucci, all news shows became X-rated in America last week. This filthy, dirty mouth, Trump mini-me is now large and in charge in the West Wing as Trump says he will report directly to him. One would think if a President heard this language and sentiment expressed by his next hand-picked Communications Director, he would immediately rescind his job offer. Not THIS President! After all, I'll never forget what Trump said on the Access Hollywood tapes. If you compare filth to filth, I think Trump wins. Scaramucci speaks the language Trump understands.

LOOK AT what he's doing to Jeff Sessions. Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation in March. Trump said nothing about being dissatisfied with that decision until a few weeks ago when the Russia investigation was getting closer to home. Since, he has been a Sessions serial tweeter. I don't like Sessions but he's done what no other has been able to do--force Trump in a corner. Stay tuned!

ONLY SOMEONE of Trump's mental state would treat loyal employees the way he does. He seems to forget they are human. As I listened to Trump giving a speech about immigrants taking 14 and 15 year old girls and instead of shooting them which would be quick, he said the immigrants slice and dice them to make it more painful. This is a total fabricated scenario made up by someone with a sick mind. It just so happens, this is the same thing he does to loyal employees he wants to get rid of.

INTERSPERSED with all the drama going on in the Oval office, Trump found time to speak to the Boy Scouts Jamboree, saying such inappropriate things it lead to a public apology from the Chairman of the Boy Scouts of America. He awoke one morning and evidently tweeted a dream he had. He ordered all transgender people to be kicked out of the military. He said he consulted “my Generals.” This was obviously a lie because none of the Generals in the Pentagon had ever heard of, or considered that happening. This prompted a statement from the Pentagon that no such policy was in effect. At a speech to the police on Long Island, NY, Trump actively encouraged police violence against those arrested. Worse yet, the police applauded. The National Association of Police Chiefs issued an apology for the President's words.

THE TERM Trump uses, “My Generals” scares and offends me. He thinks they are his possession. That's why when everyone else seems pleased with the newly named Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, I am ambivalent. It could turn out to be what the West Wing needs—a good strong leader. However, Trump wants a General to back him up no matter the idiocracy. He wants his personal General. Trump loves Generals and our government is now loaded with them. Kelly can't do anything about Scaramucci because he reports to the President. And, a General respects the chain-of-command and Donald Trump IS the Commander and Chief. My bet is he'll go along to get along.

NEXT WEEK, unless Trump saves a drowning baby, I plan to address the 25th Amendment.

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