Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump is a Power Predator!

I start this week with a housekeeping item. Just so we're clear, I write an “opinion” column for this newspaper. It says so each week at the bottom of the column. And just in case you don't read small print, I named my column “Unfair and Unbalanced” just to assure there would be no misunderstanding of the nature of my column. Now that we have that out of the way.......

MEN, JUST skip over this next “opinion”. Unless you have ever worn a dress, you may not understand what I'm saying. Or, you may want to read it and then discuss it with your wife, mother, grown daughter, or sister.

LADIES, WHILE driving back from vacation last week, I listened to former FBI Director James Comey's testimony on XM-Radio. From the audio, I detected an awkwardness and shame in his voice. I got the distinct feeling I had heard stories like that before. It wasn't until I arrived home and was able to see Comey's face as he testified to various encounters with Trump, I started to understand. James Comey was the victim of a predator. Not the sexual predator we, as women, have either experienced or from stories heard from our girlfriends or female co-workers. A power predator. But make no mistake about it, the exact tactics were employed and nearly all women will recognize these tactics as something they experienced or that was confided to them by a friend.

IN A WORKPLACE setting where it's easy for a predator to thrive, the predator tells you what a great job you're doing repeatedly. Then they get you alone. The predator then requests you to do something, veiled in such language that the predator has deniability but you, as a woman, know exactly what was meant by that language. You are stunned! You stumble out trying to keep your composure. You ask yourself, “What just happened?” You know this is a “he said, she said” conversation but why would anyone believe you over the boss? In Comey's situation, he was dealing with the President of the United States, the biggest boss of bosses. Comey knew when he heard the words “I hope you will let this thing go with General Flynn,” exactly what this power predator was asking him to do. Trump did not say, “let it go.” He said, “I hope.” As a life-long predator, Trump knew exactly what to say to maintain deniability.

THE MOST solid evidence I have that Comey was a victim of a predator was when he testified he told Attorney General Sessions to “never leave me alone with that man.” I recall two occasions over my working career when a co-worker made that same statement to me about her boss. I knew exactly the implication of what she was saying. In Comey's case, he knew the exact implication of what Trump was telling him.

JUST AS when a woman makes an allegation of sexual harassment, Comey was subjected to the same questions regarding his encounter with this power predator, “Why didn't you confront him?” “Why didn't you go to your boss?” It's easy to say what you'd do in this situation, but you don't know what you'd do unless you're confronted with it. This is all part of demonizing the victim and standard procedure by protectors of the predator.

LADIES, DOES this all sound familiar to you? If so, explain it to the men in your life.

SO WHO are you to believe? The man who has spent his life exhibiting the highest integrity, or the man who bragged you can be a predator if you are a star, created a fraudulent University to bilk innocent people, and one who seems to lie easier than tell the truth?
THE MOST recent lie Trump and his cronies have told is that he has been vindicated. No, he has not! This entire storm is far from being over. The way in which Comey handled his encounter with Trump assured us of having a Special Prosecutor who is immune to Trump's power predator behavior. There is so much more we need to know. We have lost sight of what this is really all about--the interference of our democratic elections by Russia. We at least need to find out why Trump and Putin have such a bromance going on.

A SPECIAL Prosecutor does not have boundaries of what he can investigate. You may get answers to questions you never thought about. He is not limited to collusion or the “Flynn thing.” An investigation can take a Special Prosecutor anywhere. Just ask Bill Clinton. He didn't even know Monica Lowinski when his investigation began. In fact, most people do not remember what the initial investigation was about.

WHAT'S UP with the gnats? I thought we lived above an invisible line that gnats wouldn't cross. On Friday at the Farmer's Market on the square, I thought I would have to cut a hole in the seat of my pants to keep them out of my face!


  1. President Trump will be under some kind of investigation until the day he leaves office because the Democrats will never accept that they lost the election.

    1. Dear Unknown, America lost that election when Trump and his cronies colluded with Putin and his buddies to throw it Trump's way.

    2. After 6 months of wasting tax payer money there still is no evidence that the election was changed by one vote due to any interference. This is just another hanging chad moment for people filled with hatred and vitriol that cannont accept the fact that antiquated anti-American sentiments no longer take precedence in this country. You obviously have the mentality of a box of rocks......

    3. Don't even talk about wasting tax payer money. You forget about the millions spent on the bogus Benghazi Hearings and the time spent investigating to end with a goose egg. We have our entire democratic process at stake and we at least need to be willing to spend as much time and money investigating the "Russian thing" as we did Benghazi.

  2. I am old so I have been through many elections. I am a liberal Democrat so I do not agree with many of the Conservative principles​ because I believe that they are leading to a permanent wealthy ruling class but I have always watched the results of the election and sighed and moved on with my life. I am not upset about the election. I am not upset that that Clinton did not win. I am upset that a con man was elected to be president of the United States. There were plausible Republican candidates but they did not make it through the primaries. So you can try to make it about the election if it makes you happy but you are conning yourself just as much as this President has conned people. I appreciate someone putting my feelings into words. I felt that something was off but I could not decide what it was but it was true to Trump's character. He body shame women with comments about how ugly or fat they are and he power shames men. Remember low energy Jeb or little Marcio? The phrase from the hearing that came to my mind from the hearing to prove the point was when asked why he had not told the President of the United States that he was not following appropriate channels he said that he wished that he had not been so weak that he had been stronger. How many times have we heard the same thing said to women who have been subjected to workplace sexual abuse even if it was verbal why did you not speak up. The answer is that they felt like they had no power and the other person had all of the power. The fact that Comey was fired two years after starting a ten year term as FBI Director shows who indeed had the power.