Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump's Smoke and Mirrors

Trump is the 45th President of the United States. I’m as tired of writing his name as you are seeing it.  Therefore, I will call him “45.”

45 is the master of “smoke and mirrors.”  If you aren’t quite clear on what that means, it is the obscuring or embellishing of the truth of a situation with misleading or irrelevant information.  That just about covers everything out of his mouth.

For example, in his press conference with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 45 chose to talk more about the “Wall” and his ban than our relations with Canada. (Smoke and Mirrors)

In the historical (and hysterical) press conference last week, 45 insisted that his National Security Advisor was a great man but was fired because he didn’t tell the truth to Vice-President Pence.  45 did not say if Flynn lied to him, though.  Somehow he knew the phone calls took place with the Russians because he said if Flynn had not called them, he would have.  Also, I can’t imagine 45 would get his panties in a wad over a lie.  The real truth is, Flynn got caught and 45 hates losers.  (Smoke and Mirrors)

“The leaks are real, but the news is fake.”  “The dishonest media is not my enemy; they are your enemy.”  If 45 is talking about his war with the media, he doesn’t have to answer questions about policy.  If he’s talking about the media, he doesn’t have to answer questions on his cozy relationship with Putin.  If he’s ranting and raving about the unfair media, he doesn’t have to talk about the obvious problems in his White House.  When asked a legitimate question, like “How will you stop the anti- Semitic attacks in our country,” 45 attacks and demeans the well-mannered correspondent, telling him to shut-up, and says he was an example of the unfair media.  (Smoke and Mirrors)

Talk about “smoke and mirrors,” the Boeing Show in North Charleston, SC, last week was laughable.  45 stood in front of Boeing’s new model of their Dreamliner 787-10, and talked about how he was bringing jobs back to America.  All of Boeing’s manufacturing facilities have always been in America.  He bragged about how many jobs have been created and taking all the credit.  Seriously, Boeing did not just decide on January 20 that they would make the Dreamliner in South Carolina.  It takes them years to design and manufacture an airplane.  Those planes would have been manufactured in America if Obama were still President or Howdy Dowdy.  You would never know that by listening to 45.  (Smoke and Mirrors)

The real kicker about the Boeing speech is 45 spent much time discussing the evils of foreign trade.  The truth is, the Boeing planes are assembled in this country, but nearly all the components come from many countries all over the world.  Furthermore, Boeing may end up losing jobs for America, considering Mexico flies Boeing planes exclusively and 45 promises to add a tariff to imported goods.  Then there’s the $16.6 billion deal Boeing has with Iran.  This deal was made possible by the lifting of sanctions on Iran in a deal negotiated by President Obama.  45 says he will not accept the deal.  In the end, Boeing may lose jobs for Americans rather than add them.  (Smoke and Mirrors)

I love AARP!  Membership fee of $16/year is the best investment you can make if you’re over 50 years old.  As the Republicans in Congress, led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, push forward to dismantle Social Security and Medicare, as we know it, AARP has set the stage for one heck of a fight on behalf of seniors.  Their 30-second advertisement saturating television is brilliant!  It shows 45 at the podium during a campaign rally.  He emphatically says, “I am going to protect and save your Medicare and Social Security.”  AARP is making sure he cannot deny having made that promise. What I don’t understand is why he has not told Paul Ryan that he is wasting his time, that he will veto any bill changing Medicare and Social Security like he promised.

With the help of AARP, those young, legislative whippersnappers will learn that hell hath no fury like a scorned Granny, in a wheel chair, with a HurryCane.


  1. What worries me is if 45 decides to change Social Security and Medicare in order to "protect" them. I expect another "shouldn't have taken him literally" broken campaign promise.

    1. seems you are really worried that he will keep his promises !

  2. No matter what you call him the truth is he is the "president of the united states and his title is President Trump, which sounds 100% better than Madame President" You're slant is not only misleading it's also untrue. There is no muslim ban , no immigrant ban against anyone trying to enter legally. Only criminal illegal aliens are targeted allowing law abiding, productive immigrants to apply for American citizenship, which by the way means integrating into our laws and language. It cost millions of dollars per day to take care of these illegals which the alt-left expects the working class to pay for.. I can read your hog wash in the New York times or other biased new articles. You must be on the talking points mailing list because there is nothing original or unique about your column. You are so filled with hate and vitriol that you can't see the American voters choice at work here !

  3. why isn't there a fourth choice such as inane, insane, or idiotic instead of the three, funny,interesting, or cool , kind of self serving there......