Monday, December 5, 2016

Did President Obama Unwittingly Elect Trump?

It has been nearly a month since the election.  After many sleepless nights asking myself the same question, I finally had an epiphany today.  The question I kept asking myself was not “Why did Hillary lose?”  She didn’t lose, she got over 2.5 million more votes than Trump.  Was it “Why did Trump win?”  Not that either.  I know he won because of the Electoral College system.  The big question that kept shooting through my brain like lightning bolts was “How could so many people want to have a President like Trump, with his lack of experience and knowledge, his temperament, his lack of moral compass, and one that suffers from an obvious personality disorder?”  Today I realized he received most of his votes for just those reasons! 

Trump received all those votes because of President Barack Obama!  After eight years of a scandal-free presidency, a President who was careful to measure his words and his actions, a predictable and steady hand, Americans longed for drama and unpredictability.  The reason was stated to us many times by Trump backers.  Perhaps you even said it.  “I’m voting for him because I want someone to shake things up.” “I like that he tells it like it is.” People get bored easily nowadays.  People love drama.  People want entertainment every day.  This is evidenced by the hours people spend online each day watching cat videos, funny dogs, and pranks gone bad.  Trump offers a President that will do or say anything for attention and will provide an unending stream of entertainment. 

I admit that there were times during Obama’s presidency that I thought his responses to things could have been, and should have been, more aggressive in nature.  For instance, from the git-go when Mitch McConnell stated he would do everything in his power to make Obama fail, instead of telling him what time it was, Obama ignored it.  Instead of aiding Obama in crafting the Affordable Care Act to make it the best possible insurance plan, they coined it “ObamaCare” and went so far as to shut down the federal government and brought law suits to stop it.  Obama didn’t castigate them as I thought he should.  Instead, he did what he could from the back door.  Obama tried to avoid drama at all cost and he understood that every word a President utters matters.

Another prime example of a statesman being too careful was Obama’s response to the birtherism campaign by Trump.  Trump was relentless in his insistence that Obama was born in Kenya and was a Muslim.  We have experienced Trump’s brainwashing technique of saying something over and over; until people believe it, even without one iota of proof.  As late as August 2016, a poll showed two-thirds of Trump backers believed Obama was born in Kenya and only 13% believed he was a Christian.  Obama’s response about birtherism “I have watched with bemusement.”  Not exactly what I would have said!

Obama is everything Trump is not. For starters, Trump is white.  The phenomenon of Trump’s election was a protest, payback vote to those Americans who had the nerve to vote for a black man, not once, but twice.  Their anger has simmered for eight years before boiling out on November 8.  Not all people, just the 63% of Trump supporters who still believe that Obama was born in Kenya and is a secret Muslim.

I believe that Hillary did not get the votes from the black community she expected because of Obama.  I believe black people felt Obama let them down and did not “tell it like it is.”  He never called out the racism that was the root cause of the hatred and bigotry that he experienced for eight years.  I believe the Black community had high hopes when America finally elected a Black President.  When they experienced more, not less racial bias, many just gave up. 

You will never get bored or fail to be entertained by Trump.  He’s not even President yet and he has already made a serious diplomatic faux pas by disrespecting China in favor of Taiwan.   Look for more of these, and worse, because he shows no interest in learning.  He’s not taking his daily intelligence briefings.  He is not availing himself to the State Department on matters of protocol, and he’s still tweeting whatever pops into his mind. Trump is the star of the biggest reality show in the world.

For those of you who wanted a President to “shake things up,” you got him!  It won’t be long before you will be longing for the days of “No Drama Obama.” 

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