Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trump's Risky Threat Nobody is Talking About

I agree with Donald Trump!  I’ve heard enough of Trump’s birther war against President Obama. This has been code language to all the racists in this country and it has been heard loud and clear.  Trump spent eight years disrespecting and attempting to de-legitimize our first Black President and playing on the racist nature of certain segments of our population. After much pressure, today at a highly hyped announcement, Trump spent five seconds saying, “Obama is a citizen of the United States, period.”  He went on to say Hillary started it!  Proof positive that he can’t speak two sentences without telling a lie.  Now after eight years, he wants this to go away!  He assumes by doing this we will forget. We all know in our heart that he’s a racist and based on his actions and body language (learned that from Trump), he is afraid of black people and uncomfortable in their presence. I will never forget and neither should you. 

I agree we need to move on to expose other threats a Trump presidency would bring to our country. Trump wants us to talk birtherism rather than the issue of his threat to our national security. The greatest civic-minded act you can perform for your country at this time is to educate yourself.   You can start by reading the cover story in last week’s Newsweek Magazine.  In this very detailed article, Newsweek exposes the Trump Organization’s secretive financial web across the world.  Electing a President with known financial ties to foreign governments, crooks, and criminals is a threat to our national security.

The full extent of Trump’s global partnership can never be known unless he releases his income taxes.  We need to see them, but that ain’t gonna happen! 

I can’t do the lengthy Newsweek article justice here.  I have to simplify.  However, I would like to share a few points that scare me to the core.  First, keep in mind that the Trump Organization is a “branding” company, thanks to the Apprentice show.  He lends his name for a price of hundreds of millions a year.  The properties of The Trump Organization are built with other people’s money and lots of foreign government money.  The Trump Organization is tied to 500 subsidiaries, with most subsidiaries tied to governments that do not share the same national security interest as the USA.  Newsweek analyzed only fifteen of these subsidiaries.  However, it is clear there will be few national security decisions that a President Trump would make that would not conflict with our government and Trump’s money.  The Trump we know would always choose his own bank account.

His first venture with foreign governments was in South Korea with Daewoo Engineering and Construction, the parent company of Daewoo Group.  The Daewoo Group filed bankruptcy after committing a 43$ billion accounting fraud.  The Trump Organization is still partnered with the Daewoo parent company.  Earlier this year, Trump said South Korea should shoulder it’s own military defense instead of relying on the US.  Trump then immediately said he did not say that, even though it was on videotape.  Will the USA pay for South Korea’s nuclear weapons production if Trump is President?  Probably.

The Trump Organization has many projects ongoing in India.  One of the companies is currently embroiled in an investigation suggesting that the land was illegally obtained.  The Indian Government may be eager to please President Trump and rule in the company’s favor thus creating a severe conflict.  Trump has close relations to various government parties in Southeast Asia and recently announced many more projects to come.  If Trump takes a hard-line with Pakistan, will it be for the national security interests of the USA or to please the government of India so they will clear all obstacles for Trump’s construction projects?

Trump has many conflicts in Turkey.  The least of which is his partner, Aiydin Dogan who was indicted for fuel smuggling.  After these charges, President Erdogan demanded Trump’s name be removed from the complex.  The president and Trump are now at odds. President Erdogan despises Trump.  American-Turkish relationships are one of the most important to us.  Trump’s feud with President Erdogan and his anti-Muslim stances, would put the USA in a very precarious situation. Our Turkey military base is essential to our military logistics and our fight with Isis. 

There is so much more, I only mentioned three (3).  All show conflicts with these foreign powers and Trump will be deciding between his business and his country.  Trump’s foreign policy decisions regarding Iran and Azerbaijan will be suspect. Trump’s association with Russian and Ukraine government officials runs deep. And, let’s don’t forget about his bromance with Putin, and the fact half his staff has deep ties to Russia. 

Trump has proclaimed that he will put his businesses in a blind trust to his children.  Really?  That one makes me laugh.

Read the Newsweek article if you are concerned with our National Security. As for me, if Trump wins, I will immediately start digging a bunker in my backyard.

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