Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Importance of First Ladies (or First Dudes)

I’m one of those that believe there is a message in everything that happens.  For instance, consider the timing of the death of former First Lady Nancy Reagan.  I think her death, at this particular time, serves to remind us of the role our First Lady plays in shaping our government and the attributes we admire in this important position.  We remember Nancy Reagan as the epitome of a class act.  Regardless of your opinion of President Reagan, you were always proud of the dignity in which Nancy represented us to the world. 

I think you may have already figured out where I’m going with this.  Melania Trump!  Would you honestly be proud to call her our First Lady?  The only class she has is English class.  Several months ago, I shared a photo of Melania Trump on Facebook.  Someone reported the photo to Facebook as “offensive.”  Facebook investigated and notified me that the photo was acceptable and they would not remove it.  I, too, found the photo “offensive” but not because she was nude.  It was because she seeks to be included in the class of the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Barbara Bush, Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama. 

Who will be First Lady should be taken into consideration when deciding whom to cast your vote for as President.  First Lady Melania Trump?  I think not.  Do you want to pay for the gold-plated china that she would purchase for the White House?  Do you want to pay for a gold dance pole in the East Wing? 

Another message we received recently was from the untimely passing of the ultra conservative Supreme Court Justice Scalia.  That message to me is one of “opportunity.”  We now have the opportunity to moderate the Supreme Court by President Obama or President Clinton appointing a Justice that is not extreme in any direction. Contrary to what Ted Cruz tells you, Democrats do not want “unlimited” abortion on demand.  We do not want religious freedom abolished.  We do not want to sandblast religious symbols off veterans’ headstones or tear down veteran memorials.  There’s a reason he is called “Lying Ted.”

The Republican debate last Thursday night was one for the history books.  The discourse has reached an all-time low.  The candidates and audience were so raucous, I thought I accidentally tuned into a cockfight.

I heard the “clean up” of High Falls was going to be discussed at last week’s County Commission meeting so I put in a rare appearance.  (I usually depend on Don Daniel’s column for info on Commission).  I learned very little, other than they are looking for a Code Enforcement Officer without adding another employee.  In other words, add this duty to an existing employee. An enforcement officer must be a certified peace officer in order to write tickets.  I got very uncomfortable in my seat when it appeared the Commissioners had no clue what is required to get certified.  Their major concern was the officer learning the zoning codes.  We have so few zoning codes in Monroe County; major ones could be learned in a weekend.  The rest can be looked up in a codebook.  To become a certified peace officer, one must first meet all the prerequisites and then attend an eleven (11) week course and pass all courses.  Not as easy peasy as it sounds.

If I had spoken at the County Commission meeting, I would have told the Commissioners that the appearance on High Falls Road has deteriorated to the point of embarrassment.  Surely there is a zoning code against railroad cars.  If not, there should be. Commissioners, take a ride down High Falls Road and view it from the eyes of a park visitor.  Then, take a ride over to Indian Springs.  I hope what you see will prompt you to find a way to take action immediately.  At the rate it’s going, in another year, all of High Falls will need to be condemned.  To business owners I say, “Clean up your parking lots and clean up the trash. Plant some flowers.  Plant trees instead of cutting them down.”

High Falls State Park is the destination of more visitors than anywhere else in Monroe County.  My big fear is if the State of Georgia ever faces the decision of closing Indian Springs State Park or High Falls State Park, the unsightly condition of our community will make us the loser. 

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