Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016--Georgians Most Important Vote Ever

If you thought 2015 was a politically crazy year, wait until you see what’s in store for 2016. 

On the State level, we have a lot of unfinished business from 2015.  Just because you haven’t heard much from the Gold Dome in a few months, doesn’t mean they have not been scheming…strike that.  I meant to say, “planning.”  Look for Senator Josh McKoon to have figured out a way to get his homophobic legislation, the one he disguises as a religious freedom bill, finally passed.  This year, I wouldn’t be surprised if he included the wording, “…religious freedom for anyone but a Muslim.”

In November of this year, we Georgians will have the opportunity to cast perhaps the most important vote of our lifetime.  No, it’s not about whom you will vote for as President.  It’s much more personal to us in Georgia than that.  It’s about whether we will fight for our children and their education, or turn total control over to Governor Deal and the Koch Brothers.  The most important decision you will make this election year is whether to vote for the Amendment to the Georgia Constitution to give Governor Deal the power to decide how, where, and what our children will be taught. 

The name of this Amendment has not been released yet.  Look for it to have a title designed to evoke an immediate approval, much like the “Religious Freedom” bill.  “Hell yeah, I’m in favor of religious freedom!”  It’s not until you actually read the Bill that you learn it’s anything but freedom.  They have already changed the language once.  They started out using the term “Failing Schools.”  Then they realized those words indicated the color and economic level of those they were targeting.  Then someone suggested the term “Opportunity Schools” was more palatable and deceptive. 

We don’t know what name they will ultimately use to identify this enslaving Amendment but look for it to be something unidentifiable, but memorable. Prior to 1976, Governors in Georgia were limited to one four-year term.  That changed when the very popular Governor George Busbee, spear-headed amending the State Constitution to allow Governors two consecutive four-year terms.  The campaign was massive, yet simple.  It consisted of signs and placards posted in every available space, “Vote YES on Amendment 2.”  I never knew if people even knew what they were voting “yes” for but it passed overwhelmingly. 

As for the wording of the Amendment, each word will be analyzed and market tested.  The goal will be to meet the requirements of the law while keeping the wording as innocuous and confusing as possible.  The Amendment will probably read like Donald Trump wrote it. After all, his words are duping America and he says nothing of substance.  It could read something like, “Do you vote to amend the Georgia Constitution to make Georgia’s school students the smartest and greatest in the entire world?” You shout, “Hell yeah!”

What the wording won’t tell you is that we will be selling our children to the highest Charter School bidder.  You won’t be told that our entire education system in Georgia will be restructured.  Don’t like what they are doing?  Complain to your local school board.  Nope, won’t be one.  Vote out the State Superintendent of Schools?  Can’t.  He will be appointed by the Governor and will answer only to the Governor and his handpicked bureaucrats.  The wording won’t tell you that you will have no say-so in the way your school is run.  The teachers won’t work for you, the parent.  They will work for the privately owned charter schools. 

Make no mistake about it.  Shortly, we will be bombarded with an unprecedented advertisement campaign financed by the special interest groups that will benefit from taking over our school system.  The ad campaign will start dark with scary statistics.  Closer to the election, the ads will offer hope and inspiring stories convincing us that Governor Nathan Deal, a former junk dealer, knows how to teach our children.  These ads will be good because this is Governor Deal’s legacy.  Unlike an elected Governor or President, you can’t vote out an amendment to our State Constitution in four years. 

I don’t always fault Governor Deal.  I praise him for his efforts to bring casino gambling to Georgia.  He says “No,” but his eyes say “yes.” 


  1. When it comes out, we must as quickly as possible label it "The Corporatizing of Schools and Children's Education Bill."

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