Friday, August 14, 2015

Newton's Law and Politics

Every one has asked the question, “What is wrong with our country today?”  I finally figured it out. Remember Isaac Newton’s third law of motion?  Me, neither, until I looked it up.  “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  The same is true with Democrat and Republican politics. 

It is a war over ideology between the two parties so great that nobody is governing. The people are so confused, they are unsure what we’re fighting to achieve and who we want to win.  Like my daddy used to say, “We don’t know whether to spit or go blind.” 

How else do you explain the Donald Trump phenomenon?  I am astounded when I hear an otherwise intelligent person say they love what Trump is saying and appear to be taking him seriously. That’s where Newton’s law comes in.  For every action that Trump says he will take as President, what will be the equal and opposite reaction?  Do you really think that Mexico will pay for Donald’s wall and be glad to do it?  What will be the opposite reaction?  Remember, a wall works both ways.  Other than the wall, we have yet to hear a single feasible plan to accomplish all the greatness he says he can bring us.  He is full of bluff and bluster and frankly, the thought he would be in control of that red button scares the begezzes out of me.

Trump’s rhetoric regarding Mexico and China is threatening in nature.  According to Newton’s third law, they will be threatening in return.  Trump says repeatedly, “You treat me fairly and I will treat you fairly.”  That’s Trump’s version of Newton’s third law.

We, as Americans, have come to expect a high level of entertainment.  We have no shortage of that in this primary election season. 

Governor Deal has been enjoying little to no scrutiny during the distractions on the national scene.  He is moving unimpeded with his plans to take over our public education.  His administration continues to give the appearance of the most corrupt ever.  Erin Hames, Deal’s education policy advisor and architect of the Governor’s education take-over plan, has left the Governor’s office to work for the Atlanta Public School System.  She will be advising them on how to avoid the take-over of their school system by Governor Deal.  She got a $96,000 no-bid contract.  She will continue to offer policy advice to Governor Deal.  Only in Georgia!

Last month Deal ordered an investigation of Planned Parenthood in Georgia and then cut off funding for STD test kits the next day.  Good idea, Governor!  Georgia ranks in the top ten for STD’s in the nation.  And by the way, this week it was announced that no wrongdoing was found in the operations of Planned Parenthood in Georgia.  No word on whether the funding for test kits will be reinstated.

There’s lots of “Deal” ing going on concerning gambling casinos in Georgia.  I have never read such double-speak before as Deal’s statement on whether he is for or against casinos.  He is carefully choosing his words, walking that thin line between openly approving, yet giving himself deniability.  He even disguises what he’s talking about by calling it “expansion.”  He said that “if the people voted for expansion (translated, as in expansion of gambling), in a constitutional amendment in 2016, he would not stand in the way of enabling legislation.”  This is one time I’m glad we have a crooked governor because I hate traveling to North Carolina to gamble.

Georgia, and the nation were rocked this week by the news that President Jimmy Carter has cancer.  Think what you may about his presidency, but you can never question his faith and his contributions to humanity.  Let’s all remember him in our prayers as he battles this illness.

Marilyn Langford

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