Saturday, June 27, 2015

That Muslim Sure Can Preach the Christian Gospel!

Ladies, you know the feeling when you have worn a girdle or tight fitting garment all day and when you remove it, you feel an over-whelming sense of release? You breathe a sigh of relief and feel like you are free.  That’s how I imagine the gay and lesbian couples out there felt when the Supreme Court ruled this week they could marry the person they love. 

I have been happily married to a man for forty-six years.  Therefore, I cannot fathom what life has been like for gay couples who possess the same love for their same-sex partner as I do for my male husband.  I cannot imagine the burden of having to constantly pretend the giving, taking, and sharing portion of their life does not exist.   Imagine always waiting for that raised eyebrow when they introduce their “friend” or “partner.”  Worst yet, imagine living with the fact that should something happen to the other parent of the child you love, you won’t have a legal right to continue parenting that child. 

So, I share in the joy of all those who are embarking on a new way of life.  It will take a while for people in this country to get used to this new normal.  It’s the older generation that has the most to learn.  This is a case where the older generation can learn from the younger generation.  Young people have long stopped caring who marries whom.

Also this week, the Supreme Court did not deliver the deathblow to the Affordable Care Act by disallowing subsidies to 6.4 million Americans.  I admit that it used to tick me off when the Republicans called it Obamacare.  They thought they were denigrating this important legislation by calling it by the name of the President whom they strongly disliked.  Now I am glad they coined the term “Obamacare” and I’m proud to call it that.

I don’t have to recount to you all the wailing and gnashing of teeth the Republicans have done about killing Obamacare.  The Republicans have consistently opposed and worked against President Obama in his efforts to create health care for all people in our country.
Their plan backfired!  The ruling by the Supreme Court actually strengthened Obamacare.  It made it illegal for a future President to single-handedly dismantle it.  Obamacare will forever be President Barack Obama’s legacy.  Thank you Republicans!

Our fight for Obamacare is not over here in Georgia.  Noting the Confederate flag issue, it became evident this week how fast Governors and Legislators can change their mind about an issue when we citizens speak up.  We have much work to do here in Georgia so that we can get the most out of Obamacare.  It is time Governor Deal and the Georgia Legislature get over their fear that accepting Medicaid Expansion may prove Obamacare a success. It is a success.  But it can be better. The legislators need to get busy doing whatever it takes to expand Medicaid and repeal that stupid, hateful law they passed making it a crime for anyone to facilitate the education and sign-up process of Obamacare. It’s time they get over their Obama hating and think about what health care means to their constituents.  This could make a difference on whether our hospital in Monroe County remains open.

Speaking of President Obama, I have never heard Grace explained in such an articulate manner as President Obama during his eulogy for State Senator Clementa Pinckney, the minister gunned down in Charleston.  This speech was the most amazing and riveting speech I’ve ever heard delivered by a President, bar none.  This was the real Obama.  This was the Obama we have needed for a long time.  Somebody has to tell the unvarnished truth.  This speech will become known as the Amazing Grace speech, and will be another part of Obama’s legacy.  This important speech won’t change the opinions of the die-hard Obama haters.  But the one thing they must admit….that Muslim sure can preach the Christian gospel!

As you make your plans for the July 4th weekend, High Falls State Park has some fun events planned for families, children, and even your pets.  Too many activities to list, but the glow in the dark putt-putt golf at 8:30 on the 4th of July sounds like a load of fun.  Call the park for details, 478-993-3053.

Happy Independence Day.  I hope you make a memory!

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  1. Couldn't agree more, Marilyn. I had to sit through a sermon yesterday that was the most ridiculous thing I've heard from the pulpit in many a year. Several people got up and walked out. I wanted to, but he wasn't the reason I was in church - JESUS WAS THE REASON - and I'm sure my Jesus is much more open minded than this priest from another church (far away from Macon, I'm happy to say) is. Unbelievable!!