Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In Support of Michelle Nunn

Opposing views on Nunn column



Wednesday, August 6, 2014 2:40 PM CDT
To the editor:

Mr. Davis, your editorial last week, “Dem candidate is Nunn of the Above”, is a perfect specimen of Republican, right-wing talking points. Let’s first vilify all Democrats. Check. Then, toss in the words Jews and gays. Check. Then mention that black preachers are instrumental in getting out the vote, which affords you the opportunity to use the word “racist.” Check. Every chance you get, degrade a smart and successful woman that does not share your views. If you can’t do it fairly, then attack the way she talks and looks. Check. Invoke class warfare by disparaging a segment of the population (High Falls). Check. And no right-wing checklist would be complete without mentioning the liberal media. Check!

The subject of your article was Michelle’s leaked campaign strategy memo prepared by a campaign consultant. The items you chose to identify were predictable. You see, I read the entire 144 pages and you cherry-picked well. That’s fine, that’s fair political game. What’s not fair political game was your personal attack of Michelle. You observed that she wore dark suits, and talked with no southern accent. Women don’t stand a chance! If she talked with a southern accent, you would say she was dumb. And, what would you have her wear? A pink satin dress with little bows on it?

Clearly, you crossed the line when you stated she appears “sort of androgynous”.  You have been so busy thinking of all the ways you’re different from Michelle Nunn, you overlooked how you two are similar. You have a lovely picture of you, your spouse, son and daughter posted on line. Michelle also has a spouse, son and daughter approximately the same age as yours. How would you feel if someone described your children’s mother using that distasteful word?

If you read the entire 144 pages, as I did, you would have learned that her Plan is a winnable one because it is a “people” powered plan.  It may surprise you that even some common folk here in High Falls are supporting her for U. S. Senator in November. As Elmer Fudd said when he was “wabbit huntin,” “Republicans should be afraid…very very afraid.”

Marilyn Langford

High Falls

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