Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Singing in the Falls

The best estimate of the population of High Falls is between 600 – 900. It’s hard to know since there are so many places hidden in the backwoods along the river and in the thick forests. This summer, I felt sorry for the Census workers whose unlucky lot was to count the residents of High Falls. On several occasions census workers ended up in my drive-way, looking frazzled, being very apologetic, and asking the same questions. “Is there anything down that road?” “Do you know where a brown double-wide is with a porch falling down?” That one stumped me because that could be any of a dozen places in the general vicinity. I directed her to the place that I thought she was looking for and she said, “Do I have to go down a driveway?” I knew why she asked that question. There are just some driveways in High Falls that you don’t want to go down.

My estimate of the population was derived by using a complicated mathematical equation. Billy Powell said he and Tom Bass installed nearly 500 water meters when we got county water. I took that number and added 300 for those that live on private roads or who may prefer well water to fancy county water. Then I subtracted those that expired by either accidents or natural causes, and then I subtracted the number now residing in prison. Then I added the number of people living in The Muckenfuss’ new RV park. I bet my count is more accurate than the Census.

The reason I mentioned the population of High Falls is because High Falls has the largest number of karaoke singers per capita than any other place in the nation. Hold that thought. More about this phenomena later.

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